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English inspirational quotes:Do one thing at a time, and do well.
2016-05-18 23:59 BY richard
1, Do one thing at a time, and do well.2,  Failure is the mother of success. - Thomas Paine&nbs..
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A Hard Trip
2016-05-13 21:11 BY richard
My sister was fond of traveling. Ever since graduating, she had been determined to organize a trip to an old temple. Since transporting fare..
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A Volcano Eruption
2016-05-13 21:06 BY richard
As the best candidate, I was appointed to collect and evaluate information for a database about diverse natural disasters, such as hurricane..
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Abstract Art
2016-05-13 21:02 BY richard
Abstract art used to be controversial. On one hand, the artists stopped painting delicate figures but attempted to adopt special techniques ..
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The pig & Watermelon
2016-05-13 03:17 BY richard
In spring, the mother pig took the little pig LuLu to the foot of the mountain. They planted some watermelon.When summer came, there were ma..
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The miser
2016-05-13 03:14 BY richard
The miser and his gold Once upon a time there was a miser. He hid his gold under a tree. Every week he used to dig it up.One night a robber ..
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Scientists find friendship turn to turn the boat said the real reason!
2016-05-12 20:42 BY richard
They say friends are forever, but as it turns out, that old adage is actually not quite true.More than two thirds of Americans say they have..
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I love Jinan, China
2016-04-29 00:17 BY richard
I love Jinan, ChinaI love Jinan, ChinaI love Jinan, ChinaI love Jinan, China
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Sharing the Apples
2016-04-26 23:56 BY richard
Harry was given two apples, a small one and a large one, by his Mum. Share them with your sister, she said. 巴士英语www.xiao84.comSo Harry ..
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2016-04-26 23:42 BY richard
One day, a father and his little son were going home. At this age, the boy was interested in all kinds of things and was always asking quest..
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The Fox and the Crow
2016-04-26 20:33 BY richard
One day a crow stood on a branch near his nest and felt very happy with the meat in his mouth. At that time, a fox saw the crow with the mea..
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Panda in China
2016-04-26 20:29 BY richard
A panda looks like a little bear. It has black and white fur. It lives only in China, so it is called the national treasure of China and pro..
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The Crow and The Pitcher
2016-04-26 20:23 BY richard
A crow felt very thirsty. He looked for water everywhere. Finally, he found a pitcher.But there was not a lot of water in the pitcher. His b..
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Making His Mark
2016-04-26 20:19 BY richard
A man from the state of Chu was taking a boat across a river when he dropped his sword into the water carelessly. Immediately he made a mark..
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To Pull up the Seedlings to Help Them Grow
2016-04-26 19:36 BY richard
Once upon a time, there was an old farmer who planted a plot of rice. After he planted the seedlings, every day he went to the field to watc..
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