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Why Token Incentives Will Change Our Economy
2020-04-10 17:14 BY JT
Token As Financial Incentive — It Will WorkIncentives are critical in decentralized crypto-networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The reason is very simple. By
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Small Business Programs
2020-04-10 17:01 BY JT
List Of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Small Business Loan And Grant ProgramsSmall businesses have been hit hard by mandatory closures and safety measures required to s
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Cleaning and Disinfecting the Coronavirus
2020-04-10 16:55 BY JT
BackgroundThere is much to learn about the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causescoronavirus disease 2019(COVID-19). Based on what is currently known about
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COVID 19: How to Protect Yourself & Others
2020-04-10 16:53 BY JT
Older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditionslike heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing serious com
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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Explained: What it does to your body
2020-04-09 16:07 BY JT
The coronavirus emerged in only December last year, but already the world is dealing with a pandemic of the virus and the disease it causes ...
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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Explained
2020-04-09 15:47 BY JT
The coronavirus emerged in only December last year, but already the world is dealing with a pandemic of the virus and the disease it causes - Covid-19.For most,
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Graphs & articles most informing about Coronovirus COVID-19
2020-03-19 11:27 BY JT
As everyone grapples with where to go for data and information, I wanted to share the following sites and articles that most informed me over the last 24 hours:
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This Is Ruining One's Sleep...And Performance
2019-05-24 17:01 BY JT
For most of human evolution, our sleep patterns have revolved around the pattern of the sun.Then our circadian rhythms were altered with the discovery of fire,
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We Don’t Need Social Media
2019-05-17 13:38 BY JT
In anop-edin theNew York Timeslast week, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes laid out an argument for dismantling the social media behemoth, splitting it up via an
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7 Beauty Tips Guys Need to Know Right Away
2019-05-02 16:00 BY JT
Sometimes guys are a little shy about asking for men’s beauty tips. I get that they fear it will make them feel a little less manly to have a bathroom full of “
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This supplement may be the key to breathing easier!
2019-05-02 07:00 BY JT
Breathing normally can be a battle when you have a serious lung condition, such as asthma orchronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD). And, while there are go
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China's population growth is coming to an end.
2019-05-02 21:00 BY JT
The world’s largest country by population could hit a ceiling six years earlier than expected, a new report 2029.“What we see is the rate of growth
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How will the Circular Economy change our world and economics as we know it?
2019-04-24 13:47 BY JT
Circular economy is presented as a system of resources utilization where reduction, reuse and recycling of elements prevails Manufacture, use and disposal? No,
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In an AI-driven world, is STEM really the future?
2019-04-24 12:28 BY JT
During a recent dinner conversation attended by a range of leaders in the tech world, from people running incubators and accelerators to ad agencies and design
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More Foods For The Best Sex!
2019-04-14 09:15 BY JT
Ok, your asking your man Dr. JT, How do I improve my relationships and eat your way to an orgasm?So here it is. Do you know what was common between Casanova, C
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