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Introduction of Plant Extract
1  Active ingredients of plant extract1.1 AlkaloidAlkaloid, or plant alkaloid, is a alkaline nitrogen-containing organic..
(2018-09-18 01:08)
Functions of Plant Extracts in Skincare
Aloe extract: It has good lubrication and moisturizing effect, and can also reduce inflammation and promote the healing of damaged..
(2018-09-14 01:01)
Application of Plant Oil in Cosmetics
Plant extract, such as plant oil, is generally believed to inhibit the evaporation of water, rehydrate the dry skin and harde..
(2018-09-12 01:03)
Biological Activities of Polysaccharides
Polysaccharides are polymeric carbohydrate molecules composed of long chain monosaccharide units. The polysaccharide produces constituent mo..
(2018-08-31 02:26)
Classification of Polysaccharides
Polysaccharides are polymerized from monosaccharides, and the molecular weight of polysaccharides is tens of thousands or even millions. The..
(2018-08-26 18:42)
Research progress of OLED luminescent materials
IntroductionChip, display and battery technology are called the three major hardware technologies of the information industry. In the trend ..
(2018-08-17 02:06)
Introduction of OLED
Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) is also called Organic Electroluminescence Display. Since 2003, this display device has been widely..
(2018-08-14 02:04)
Classification of Optoelectronic Materials
Optoelectronic materials are materials that process, store and transmit information using photons or electrons as carriers. They a..
(2018-08-06 02:14)
Introduction of Common Artificial Dyes
Artificial dyes include aniline dyes or coal tar dyes, which are widely used in a wide variety of applications. The disadvantage o..
(2018-07-30 01:05)
The Applications of Graphene
Graphene has been highly valued in the fields of chemistry, physics, materials and energy due to its unique electrical,&..
(2018-07-29 20:37)
Introduction of Common Natural Dyes
Natural dyes are dyes or colorants derived from plants, invertebrates or minerals. Most natural dyes are derived from plants, including root..
(2018-07-29 20:33)
Applications of Boric Acid
Boric acid is widely used in industrial, agricultural, national defense and modern science fields. In recent years, with the developmen..
(2018-07-19 20:31)
Overview of the Production of Boric Acid
Boric acid was first prepared by Wilhelm Homberg (1652-1715) and was given the the name "sal sedativum Hombergi", which was produc..
(2018-07-09 18:48)
Properties of Graphene
1  Optical properties of grapheneGraphene is known to be the thinnest and hardest nanomaterial in the world. It is almost transpar..
(2018-07-05 23:00)
Introduction of Graphene
Graphene is a honeycomb planar film composed of sp2 hybridization of carbon atoms. It is separated from the graphite material..
(2018-07-05 20:24)
Classification of Surfactants
Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension or interfacial tension between two liquids, between a gas and a liquid, or bet..
(2018-06-11 20:21)
The Preparation of Single Crystals
1 IntroductionThe particles inside the single crystal are regularly and periodically arranged in the three-dimensional space, or in other wo..
(2018-06-10 23:22)
Research Progress of Nanocatalysts
1  IntroductionIn recent years, the development of nanoscience has penetrated into the field of catalytic research and the most ty..
(2018-06-05 02:05)
Applications and Development of Insect Pheromone
1.  Overview of insect pheromones1.1 The discovery of insect pheromonesThe word pheromones was originally written by Carlson (1959..
(2018-05-24 23:19)
The Practical Significance of Insect Pheromone in Agricultural Production
In the agricultural production of today, there are many factors that may adversely affect crop yields. Among these factors, pests and diseas..
(2018-05-23 22:35)
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