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What is KNOWPIA?

KNOWPIA is a fairly recent established platform with the vision of collaborating knowledge from all mediums in order to provide our users a one stop destination for information and knowledge. Our company motto, “Knowledge for Everyone, By Everyone”, best explains our goal for anyone with the desire to, pursue, as well as to provide information.

What we are looking for?

To develop our blogging platform as a source of quality content that provides, not only informational and factual pieces of writing, but commentary and opinion based articles as well. We look to cover the whole spectrum of categories and interests while not limiting our contributors to any degree of specialization within any subject; basically, if you have something worth writing about and sharing, we want your contribution.

Write Blogs and Earn Cash!


Write a Blog article


Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, or any other kind of social media (even whatsapp or chats!)


Earn points and cash-out based on registered views

You’ll be contacted by one of our editors with further details.
$1 per 1000 views with $50 minimum cash-out.
Views are consolidated from all writings from an author.

What makes KNOWPIA special?

KNOWPIA, while not 100% non-profit, is not a for-profit organization either. That means that a large portion of the revenue will be given back to our contributors. Our patent pending model will compensate our contributors based on the number of page views their writing generates; in essence, the higher quality the content and the more attractive it is to the readers, the more compensation is awarded. The current payout is $1 per 1000 views but changes will occur with the company’s growth.

Why contribute to KNOWPIA?

While there are many pay-to-blog platforms out in the market, or one can simply start a private blog site, KNOWPIA strives to differentiate in many ways. Both, while potentially lucrative, can be difficult and time consuming to establish a large reader base. KNOWPIA’s traffic has increased exponentially within a short couple of months from our launch. Furthermore, KNOWPIA will pour our resources and efforts in promoting quality writing through our partners and marketing. This, along with self-promotion, will increase your viewership and followers greatly.

If you enjoy writing, for whatever motive, monetary or just as a hobby, KNOWPIA will provide you the platform with the greatest exposure and return for your work. Aside from that, you will also be contributing to our non-profit charity initiatives while also providing a public service in the form of providing education to the world. The late British writer Samuel Johnson once said, “The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it.” KNOWPIA will finally close the gap between knowledge and those who are searching for it.