Why Your Restaurant Needs a PWA

Have you spent thousands of dollars developing a mobile application for your restaurant business? Chances are that if you have, your investment hasn’t exactly paid off in the long run. This is due to the fact that users simply have too many apps on their smartphones, and only download mobile applications when their favorite restaurant or store pushes them to do so. Get more information about Custom Apps For Restaurants


Often offering discounts and other perks, native applications have been advertised as a one-stop shop for everything consumers need to have a more enjoyable experience at their favorite places. Inevitably, they download the app, use it once or twice, and then end up deleting it so that they can free up space on their smartphone to download another app from a different favorite place.


The Answer to Your Problems: PWAs

There’s good news! PWAs, or progressive web apps, are quickly becoming the most popular new technology for restaurants and retail stores. PWAs are a cross between a website and a mobile application. They give usersmost of the same functionality and features of a native application but can be viewed on a web browser. They also eliminate the need for users to visit an app store to be able to access the application. Progressive web applications are taking over; this new technology can give your company a competitive edge because of the ease with which they can be used.


Application Frustration

During the native application surge, restaurants everywhere developed their own apps; some even developed multiple apps for different uses. For example, some restaurants had one application for online ordering and a separate app for reservations. Imagine the issues this caused for people who eat out frequently; having multiple apps for each restaurant they frequented was eventually just too much to keep up with.


These frustrations along with other disadvantages of apps like necessary updates, overall slowness and sudden crashes downgrades the general user friendliness of native apps. These issues warrant a different solution. As you can imagine, the frustration that is produced from a less than stellar app experience can cause the user to just give up altogether,which hinders the amount of revenue that is generated from using the app. At the end of the day, this means a lower ROI for your business.


Your Bottom Line

Speaking of investment, a PWA will ultimately cost you less money to develop than a native iOS or Android app. A progressive web application can cost anywhere from one quarter to one half the cost of a native application. In addition to the much lower costs, the maintenance of a PWA is much simpler. Due to pre-caching, these apps show the user the most current version each and every time they are visited. This eliminates the need for the user to download necessary updates from an app store, which is ultimately just another annoyance and detracts from the customer’s overall outlook on the experience.


If you are a restaurant owner, a progressive web app can majorly boost your bottom line. Forbes reported a 43% increase in sessions per user and a large increase in user time spent on the PWA.The fact of the matter is that if your customers are happy with their experience at your establishment, they are more likely to spend their money there. These days, this also includes the online experience. Point blank: lowering frustration and giving your customers an all-around smooth experience equates to higher revenue.


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