Reasons You Should Feed Your Cat With Wet Food

Cats love wet food as much as dry ones. They derive most of the water from their prey, which is why wet food is ignored. Dry food is low in moisture content, and so you should mix things up. There are cat feeder with timer that dispense wet food, and you have nothing to worry.

There are numerous benefits of introducing wet food into your cat's diet.

Here are some of them:

Promotes lean body mass

Wet food is rich in protein and supports healthy and strong muscles. It also maintains muscle mass during adulthood. A cat's weight comprises of fat mass or what we know as lean body mass. A cat's bone, ligament, or organs are considered as LBM. These organs help to support vital functions like immunity, mobility, and metabolic activity. As cats get older, they lose their LBM. Wet foods are rich in protein and help maintain their LBM as old age sets in.

Improves overall hydration

If you notice, your cat may not be drinking as much water as it should. This is not because they hate water per se. They are scared of bacteria and insects and may avoid water in bowls. They'll likely drink from a faucet than a bowl. Because cats are vulnerable around water, you don't expect that they take insufficient amounts. Water is essential in regulating the body's temperature and chemical reactions in the body. Even if cats hate to admit this, water makes up to 60% of their body mass. This makes it crucial for cats to take sufficient amounts of water. One way to get your cat to consume more water is by feeding them with wet food from your timed cat feeders. A water fountain can also help improve water intake.

Add varieties

No one likes to eat the same food every day. Your cats would be pissed off at the sight of bland food. If you feed them the same kind of meal daily, they won't eat much. Since your cat is used to dry food, you should gradually introduce wet foods. Include many varieties of the food so that your cat is excited to be nourished. With many flavors to choose from, each meal becomes a delightful adventure.

What are the other benefits of wet chat food?

Like dry foods, their wet counterparts are easily digestible. They also contain vital nutrients like iron, zinc, and biotin. Biotin regulates the energy from the food the cat consumes. Zinc, on the other hand, supports the development of the immune system. Iron promotes healthy tissue and blood.

Whether your cat prefers wet or dry food, there are timed cat feeders to serve you. To make your cat interested in wet foods shop for the best nutritious food.


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