5 Hacks to Enhance Your PTE Score

Various prestigious universities around the world such as Harvard Business School, Yale, California State University, INSEAD approve PTE Academic scores. It is also accredited by the governments of New Zealand and Australia to grant Visa.

What is PTE Academic?

For students who want to study abroad or people who want to migrate to other countries, PTE (Pearson Tests of English) Academic is a computer-based English language test. The PTE exam is validated by leading universities and colleges around the world. It is quickly becoming popular due to its early availability of test dates and immediate results.

So if you are someone who is taking the PTE exam, you've come to the right place for some PTE exam tips that no one tells you!

1. Improve your vocabulary

Improve your vocabulary and score high on the PTE by doing the following:

Read anything and everything

The best method to improve your language is reading. Start reading something you are curious about. You will be able to discover English vocabulary the more you learn.

Have a pocket dictionary on hand

Whenever you discover new words while reading or talking to someone, you can take out the mini dictionary to find out the pronunciation and its meaning.

Word games to the rescue

The word game is a useful and challenging activity to improve vocabulary. Remembering such difficult words makes it enjoyable and memorable when playing games like crossword, jumble and scrabble, etc. If you attend PTE online coaching classes at Classlly's Education, you will have a lot of fun playing word games to build your vocabulary.

2. Improve your listening skills

In the listening module, you will be exposed to an audiotape in British and American English. To be honest, it's a bit difficult if you don't do the following things,

Watch Hollywood web series, movies, and listen to podcasts

By watching Hollywood documentaries, you will gain a better understanding of the British and American English accent which will help you earn your PTE score. If you don't want to watch, listen to American or British podcasts to familiarize yourself with the PTE listening test.

3. Improve your writing skills

In IN the PTE writing module, you get two tasks: summarize the text in short writing and in the passage. To improve them, here are some tips for the PTE exam,

Follow the guidelines and write the passage in the number of words mentioned.

Explore the topic and grasp the description form.

Don't use jargon.

Do not use bullets in writing passages.

4. Improve your reading skills

The PTE reading module contains various types of questions, such as fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions, choose multiple answers, rearrange sentences, select the answer, etc. Follow the PTE exam tips below to get a high score in this section,

Don't waste a lot of time on a single task.

Scan the main words that begin with the noun, the collective noun, and so on.

Use proper grammar.

Use an impressive vocabulary.

Learn to use words in the paragraph that are identical.

5. Attend PTE classes

There are educational institutes that provide online PTE coaching, we have been successful in training many students and residents. We have facilities such as well-ventilated air-conditioned classrooms, with personalized attention to each of our students, regular drills and analytical tests, unlimited practice and flexible hours.

Join us and score well on your next PTE exam!


These steps will help you increase your PTE score and complete your dream. Attend daily PTE mock tests and sharpen your skills with the time limit on each question. In this way, you can improve your score and perform better on the PTE exams. The only thing that helps you is practice, this will help you improve in your exams and achieve your dreams.


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