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2019 United States elections

2019 United States elections

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2019 United States elections
Off-year elections
Election dayNovember 5
Congressional special elections
Seats contested2 House mid-term vacancies
Net seat change0
Gubernatorial elections
Seats contested3
Net seat change0
Map of the 2019 gubernatorial races
Light blue: Democratic incumbent
Light red: Republican incumbent
Dark red: Term-limited Republican
Gray: no election

The 2019 United States elections will be held, in large part, on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. This off-year election includes the regular gubernatorial elections in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi. State legislative elections will also be held in Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, and in the New Jersey General Assembly (the lower house of the New Jersey legislature). Numerous citizen initiatives, mayoral races, and a variety of other local elections will also occur. Special elections to the United States Congress will take place if vacancies arise.

Federal special elections

The following special elections will be held to replace members who resigned or died in the 116th U.S. Congress:

State elections

Partisan control of states prior to the 2019 elections.
  Democratic trifecta
  Republican trifecta
  Divided government
  Officially non-partisan legislature

The 2019 state elections will impact the redistricting that will follow the 2020 United States Census, as many states task governors and state legislators with drawing new boundaries for state legislative and Congressional districts. Republicans will defend their "trifecta" (unified control of the governorship and the state legislature) in Kentucky and Mississippi, while Democrats will defend their trifecta in New Jersey. The other two states holding elections, Louisiana and Virginia, both have a divided government, meaning that each major party controls the governorship or at least one legislative chamber.


Three states will hold gubernatorial elections in 2019:


Legislative elections will be held for both houses of the Louisiana Legislature, the Mississippi Legislature, the Virginia General Assembly, and the lower house of the New Jersey Legislature.

Mayoral elections

Major cities holding mayoral elections in 2019 include:

Special elections


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