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Im just here to deliver the hotest and most recent news about anything and everything worth talking about and a few things that probably arnt, i hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as i like making them

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the truth about LSD
2016-10-28 20:59 BY Action barrett
Albert Hofmann, a chemist working for Sandoz Pharmaceutical, synthesized1 LSD for the first time in 1938, in Basel, Switzerland, while looki..
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The stairway to heaven with john bohnam
2016-10-28 19:52 BY Action barrett
John Bonham DeadJohn BonhamThe Death Of Led Zeppelin's Drummer:In the day leading up to his premature death, Bonham had been on a 12-hou..
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Scandalous emails.
2016-10-28 19:22 BY Action barrett
Clinton campaign staffers scrambled frantically to change chairman John Podesta's password and upgrade his security after being fooled b..
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Symbolism overload
2016-10-28 12:24 BY Action barrett
Behind the boy is a tree on fire, which is a reference of the Burning Bush of the Old Testament. The Burning Bush is of great importance in ..
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CVS will soon be removing there cigarette selection
2016-10-28 11:56 BY Action barrett
  I don't know if you have heard the news yet but CVS will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco-related products. They say tha..
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Its vape not smoke!
2016-10-28 11:05 BY Action barrett
Vapor is not smoke. Nothing is burning. Liquid is being heated into  vapor and then inhaled.One of the biggest complaints against vapin..
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Whats the difference between donky and an elephant
2016-10-15 22:04 BY Action barrett
noticed over the years, there are some fundamental differences in the way Republican and Democratic politicians think. Here are just 13 exam..
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CLINTON VS. TRUMP heated final debate
2016-10-15 21:55 BY Action barrett
COOPER: Thank you very much for being here. We're going to begin with a question from one of the members in our town hall. Each of you w..
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Current Libya UN situation
2016-10-15 21:41 BY Action barrett
Government of National Accord orders arrest of coup leaders who pledged to ‘rescue Libya’ after taking key buildings and a TV stationMembers..
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Sweet Marie antoinette ~
2016-10-15 21:29 BY Action barrett
 January 1793, the radical new republic placed King Louis XVI on trial, convicted him of treason and condemned him to death. ..
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Life is a beautiful disaster
2016-10-15 20:57 BY Action barrett
I want to smile I want to laughI want to hug friends and loved ones.I want to somehow tap into this feeling and extend it through my da..
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2016-10-15 20:42 BY Action barrett
I like tosmoke potand work out.To the ill informed or the uninitiated in the magical ways of the sacred plant, this can seem like a very con..
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2016-10-15 20:09 BY Action barrett
We the people,Are a Savage species of parasites living on earth  We  are  polluting our mother earth one cigarette, one bus p..
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2016-10-15 19:11 BY Action barrett
Ah yes im surprised you clicked on this blog with such a minimalistic tittle but id like to chalk to up to fate. All though im a non believe..
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