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Grooming Essentials - 5 ways to use the best hair care tips
2021-10-14 06:54 BY Riya Singh
We all are busy running and chasing something and another. Every person has different dreams and different lifestyles. And we didn’t try to copy each other beca
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Top 5 Real Estate Websites in India (Updated List 2021-22)
2021-10-08 00:01 BY Riya Singh
While you scroll across Google or any other search engine you will come up with a lot of real estate websites but which one to rely on? Only thebest online real
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Factors That Decide the React Native App Development Cost
2021-10-08 00:12 BY Riya Singh
React Native is very much in demand these days as more and more startups and businesses are looking forward to this technology for a comprehensive app developme
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How to plan an Intimate Wedding in 2021?
2021-04-13 09:00 BY Riya Singh
The concept of an Intimate wedding took a rise when the world was hit by the pandemic last year. As we entered 2021, everyone hoped things would go back to norm
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Top 4 Benefits of Investing in a Professional Logo Design for Business
2021-02-25 04:56 BY Riya Singh
The most identifiable part of a business is nothing but an iconic logo. Think about the most iconic ones that instantly click your mind! Is it the M of McDonald
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How to Design Stylish Bedroom for Kids of Different Ages
2021-02-24 06:29 BY Riya Singh
For adults a bedroom is a place where they rest or sit in serenity after a long day. But for children it's a place where they imagine, innovate and discover abo
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How to style pearls with your attire and look chic!
2019-12-02 05:56 BY Riya Singh
Pearls possess classic elegance and are loved by women worldwide after diamonds. They add to the sophistication and grace, never go out of fashion and you can e
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Tips To Improve Your Jewellery Window Display
2019-11-19 04:54 BY Riya Singh
Selling jewellery is not an easy business. There are certain strategies that you need to follow in order to be successful. And all the retailers use different i
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Must-Have Jewellery for Your Office Wear
2019-11-08 03:16 BY Riya Singh
Every woman wants to dress up in the most trending and fashional way. Whether it is your office, you just want to slay your look and there is nothing wron
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3 Tips to Keep in Mind For Planning a Destination Wedding
2019-11-08 00:44 BY Riya Singh
The sun shining bright amidst the cover of several colours, that’s how the sky looks on a beach at the time of dusk. The scene is extremely romantic and forms a
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6 Quick Chocolate Desserts For Any Chocolate Lover
2019-11-07 04:00 BY Riya Singh
We all love chocolates. People from every generation are a fan of chocolates.If we talk about the chocolate lovers, eating a piece of this brown confection is e
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3 Must-Adopt Designing Tips for Your Hotel Lobby
2019-11-06 04:59 BY Riya Singh
You planned a summer family getaway, made all the travel arrangements and you booked a luxury hotel online. But, while walking into the hotel lobby, you stand a
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Importance of Lifecycle Management For Companies
2019-11-05 23:42 BY Riya Singh
There are certain things which you need to consider if you are expanding your business. And life cycle management is a salient feature for both your life and yo
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5 Reasons Why One Must Take Food Supplements
2019-11-04 23:38 BY Riya Singh
In these past years, consumption of food supplements has become quite popular amongst people. From a teenager to adult to old age, everyone is taking these supp
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How I started My Own Silver Jewelry Store!
2019-11-04 03:41 BY Riya Singh
I wanted to start a jewelry business as soon as my graduation completed and become an entrepreneur. But, my parents put a condition. They would provide me with
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