How to Buy and Use Italian Cold Cuts

Italy is a paradise for food lovers. For ages, the gorgeous European country has been gratifying foodies worldwide with delicious dishes. The rich food culture of the nation has given the world countless recipes that are enjoyed throughout the globe today. Many of them include the use of Italian cold cuts.

Popularly known as salumi, there is a huge variety of cold cuts. They are shipped from Italy to different parts of the world, and people can use them for cooking several delicious dishes. 

The number of options can confuse any buyer, who is unaware of these cold cuts. They are often made from pork and collectively called salumi. However, their names and uses are unique in different Italian cities. Below are some types of Italian cold cuts to help understand them.

a). Salami 

It is one of the most famous salumi types that the country offers to the world. Made with ground pork and fat cubes, salami is a large sausage that can be three or four inches across. Although there could be several versions of salami in the world, the finest Italian dry salami is seasoned with spices and salt. 

Dry salami is an amazing ingredient to have in the pantry. It can be stored in the fridge to prepare appetizer platters quickly. On the other hand, fresh salami is a versatile ingredient to render and use for making mayonnaise or vinaigrette.

b). Prosciutto

Explore books about Italian food, and you come to know that prosciutto is a cold cut that can be divided into two different categories: Casalingo and Toscano. The first type is sweet and salty, while the latter is salty. A high-quality Italian cold cuts prosciutto is a delicious blend of the finest ingredients and spices. 

When it comes to usage, it is necessary to use prosciutto when it is fresh. When you are buying it outside Italy, ensure that the seller uses Italian recipes to prepare it. 

c). Salsiccia

It is also a versatile form of a cold cut. Made of ground pork,  it is infused with several delicious ingredients and spices. There are three different methods to consume it: Fresh, cooked, and thinly sliced. 

When it’s raw and fresh, Salsiccia can be a great ingredient for sandwiches. Its cooked form can either be consumed directly or added to various Italian dishes. On the other hand, thinly sliced types can be preserved for several weeks and can be used similar to salami. 

d). Finocchiona 

A delicious variation of salami, Finocchiona is a result of an interesting origin story. It is said that the cold cut was first made by a thief, who stole a fresh salami and kept it in a stand of wild fennel. When he came back, he found that the salami absorbed the aromas of the place. 

The best version of Finocchiona is made with fennel pollen & seeds, chianti, and black pepper. To ensure that a quality product has been purchased, you need to ensure that it is a pork product that is created with 100% Berkshire Pork. Also, make sure that pork is never given antibiotics. 

e). Bresaola

It is air-dried, salted beef that is kept safe for several weeks to ensure that it’s hard and red. Made from top round, a quality product is also flavored with the finest ingredients under strict Quality Control and USDA standards. Bresaola is known for its tenderness and nutritional value. There are many recipes that include its usage. 

It can be consumed as an appetizer. In Italy, a popular way to enjoy bresaola Italian cold cuts is to drizzle olive oil, lemon juice, and some black pepper onto it and enjoy its flavor. 

How to Use Italian Cold Cuts 

There are countless dishes that can be cooked with cold cuts from Italy. One of the most popular and commonly used forms is sandwiches or subs. They can be combined with quality bread and the finest ingredients to cook a sandwich that tastes delicious. 

Apart from that, these salumi versions can also be included in other dishes to enhance their taste. Also, some of these cold cuts can be cooked or enjoyed raw. For an unforgettable experience, it is necessary to ensure that a quality product has been purchased. As the salumi types belong to Italy, you must get them from a store that imports its product from famous brands from Italy and supplies them to the customers’ doorstep. Purchase quality cold cuts and make sumptuous dishes at home! 



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