3 Tips to Keep in Mind For Planning a Destination Wedding

The sun shining bright amidst the cover of several colours, that’s how the sky looks on a beach at the time of dusk. The scene is extremely romantic and forms a breathtaking backdrop for a wedding photoshoot. Flying across the country to perform your nuptial ceremony in front of the mesmerising sea or inside a majestic palace situated near a mountain is truly magical. It is like a pseudo-fairytale wedding, you wearing an out-of-the-world wedding dress running across the picturesque setting. A destination wedding is a dream come true for many. It also calls for some elbow grease. To wed like a princess in a palace on your big day, you and your Prince Charming have to make several arrangements in advance. It saves you from last-minute mistakes and anxiety they bring during those precious moments(the most common - not getting your wedding dress refitted!). Prior planning is the key to brush all wedding worries aside says the best destination wedding planner in India.

Below we have listed 3 pointers to help you plan a destination wedding -

Pick the Right Location - The region you choose to throw your wedding ceremony decides the vibe of your wedding. For example - If you book a resort in Goa, the guest have a carefree attitude. The beaches are the best place for outgoing people. But, beach-side wedding isn’t suitable for people who aren’t comfortable with the idea of guest having too much fun and partying till the morning. A luxury hotel situated on the top of a valley is a cosy venue ideal for them. It all boils down to the personal values of the couple and their favorite holiday destination. The preference of your guests should also be taken into account. After all they are taking the pain of flying from another part of the country to become a part of your celebration.

Time of the Year - The hotels and wedding halls are overbooked during the time the destinations have the best weather. Avoiding the peak season saves you from both spending a fortune and crowded spaces. The climate of your hometown will differ from the city you are planning to have your wedding. When shortlisting, stick to a location which is in the midseason on your big day. After the budget, the venue should be the first thing you decide. Early booking can land you bigger discounts. Use online hotel booking sites like booking.com, MakeMyTrip, OYO, to compare prices and find an ideal place to stay for your family and friends. Send the invites as soon as the dates are finalised along with an RSVP. Give a deadline to all the recipients to respond to the RSVP. Based on the number of yeses you can consult the attendees to book their ticket and avail deals on a group reservation. The destination wedding planner in India will ask the number of guests to get you the best deals.

See it for Yourself - A conversation with the venue authorities is the beginning of background research. Before you pay for the tickets take a tour of the area and check the facilities for yourself. If they have missed hiring any of the vendors for your wedding, scout one and hire him. You need to check with the florist and decorator. Don’t have the time to meet the vendors and choose the inventory? Hire the best destination wedding planner in India. They will take care of everything from deciding the menu, design, renting inventory, etc. Once you book a wedding planner in jaipur, you don’t even have check the site yourself, they will do it for you!


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