Synthetic Urine And Drug Test Abuse

Enforcing a safe working environment using true and tried drug test policy methodologies should come first, especially for employers in the safety-sensitive niches. It is a wide truth that any workplace will be safer when employees are not subjected to different drugs and impairing substances.

Over the years, there has been an increase in the rate of workplace positivity and in the same way, there has been a growing sophistication of drug tests. This has, in turn, forced different employees and workers to engage in some cheating ways.

To add to this, drug testing has become as good as the quality of the urine specimen that is being tested. With the increase in the laws legalizing both medical and reactional marijuana in different states, increased methamphetamine and cocaine detection, and the growth of opioid epidemic, different employersare adopting strict measures to combat the new threat – synthetic urine. 

So, what comes to your mind every time you hear the word ‘synthetic urine’?Synthetic urine is a substance that has been created using different chemicals, yellow coloring, creatinine and at times, uric acid, to resemble the distinct characteristics of human urine. Do you want to know more about fake urine for drug test? for detailed info click here.

Fake urine is not only used in drug tests. It has been used to test the impact of urine on different products such as cleaning agents, diapers, medical devices, mattresses and other products. Synthetic urine s also used for scientific experiment, drug testing to improve the efficiency of testing and even alternative medicine.

With more common available drugs (legally) and the increased drug positivity rates, synthetic urine is also being used by different individuals to try and fool various drug tests.

Synthetic Urine and Drug Testing

In an effort to avoid detection, many donors tend to take desperate measure to get the desired results. That is the reason why many individuals use best synthetic urine kits despite the risk of detection in a drug test.

According to studies, different donors have in one way or the other tried to use household products, eye drops, dog urine, lemonade, soft drinks and many other adulterants based on adverts and myths that promise negative results.

The most common cheating methods focus on dilution. In addition, other approaches focus on substitution. The substitution method mainly focuses on using synthetic or fake urine to cheat. This fake urine can both be found in liquid and dry forms.

You can be able to purchase the best synthetic urine kits from about $15-$40. In most cases, fake urine is advertised as ‘fetish urine’ as a novelty product or for research. Common purveyors of the best synthetic urine kits include truck stops, head shops, online shops and other retailers that might be selling items such as smoking products.


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