How I started My Own Silver Jewelry Store!

I wanted to start a jewelry business as soon as my graduation completed and become an entrepreneur. But, my parents put a condition. They would provide me with the capital for opening a store only if I topped in the entire university which was next to impossible. I had never got above eighty per cent after school time. Scoring such a high grade in post-graduation was just a dream for a girl like me. It was all because of my mother that I got eighty-nine percent. She set a goal to get ninety-seven percent for me. Everyone in my class was shocked because I was the class clown. I loved imitating my friend, parents and even teacher which made other people laugh. From kindergarten, I was famous among everyone for being a girl with an excellent sense of humour. I never gave attention to what was happening around me but to how people, especially in the television and movies would talk with each other this often leads to a big fight in the house.

Another thing that I was pleased with was wholesale silver jewelry from Jewelpin. My mother would shout at me for spending such a big amount on the inventory. My father tried explaining to her the benefits of selling high-quality jewelry to the customers. This was becoming our daily routine until one day. I asked my father that when he is always searching for a reason to shout on mom, at first he was reluctant but then he told me. He said that they did not have a good understanding of jewelry and mom wasn’t ready to entertain him, so this leads to regular arguments with each other. He wanted to help me in setting up the business. But, mom thought it would affect his proficiency at work.

My suggestion for opening silver jewelry was a good idea and dad adopted it. He needed to explain his love and tell her to keep patience and things will settle on their own. Daddy was really shocked to hear such mature words from me.

As usual, I talked about silly things that were of no use i.e. the actors and the latest movies stuff. So he thought it was a perfect idea and we did shopping from Jewelpin. Afterwards, he told me that there was no alternative for changing my mother opinions. She thought jewelry selling required a lot of experience with young people lacked. I had a creative plan so I told my dad to gift silver jewellery to mom on her birthday. He executed the plan and my beautiful wholesale silver jewelry showed its magic, the design was so cool that mom was contented.


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