The Best Thanksgiving Sides

Thanksgiving, a day full of overeating and getting asked a million questions. However, as challenging and painful as it is to have to answer the dreaded "are you dating anyone?" question and mingle with distant relatives. The real challenge comes at dinner. There's a ton of different delicious sides to choose from, but unfortunately only a limit amount of room in your stomach. But, have no fear! I have ranked all the thanksgiving sides from best to worst so you can plan your plate accordingly. 

1. Mashed potatoes and gravy: A classic. Can't go wrong here.

2. Greenbean casserole: The only time a year this dish is available and who doesn't love the crispy onions on top!

3. Mac'n'cheese: Cheese and noodles, do I need to say more?

4. Cranberry sauce: Sweet and tart? What a combo!!

5. Stuffing: Chunks of bread mixed with other miscellaneous food items and usually extremely dry...yuck!

6. Rolls: This is more of a strategic angle, bread fills up your stomach and takes room away from the other delicious foods. Also, very basic. 


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