Impact on Organic Traffic Due To Google Snippet Change

Google featured snippet has been updated on twenty second January and a new study from SEO clarity have examined the modification that has been happened to the organic traffic due to such update. Google has come up with a significant update on the first page of the search results. In regular organic listing the web pages in featured snippet place will no longer be continual. Visit this website if you are interested in hiring a local SEO expert.

When one go for search results, earlier the web pages used to come into view twice on the first page of search results if they have got a featured snipped position. Some can be found on the first and second position of the search results.

After featured Snippet update its effect on organic traffic to pages

If gives some sort of relaxation to the SEOs and the site owners that there is no major changes in the organic search traffic after Google featured snippet update. They were a like to day over day fluctuations which were minutely found in some specific industries such as

  • With regard to auto industries search related to both informational and transactional intent were found. During January twenty two to January twenty three an increase of ten percent was seen with information intent and a decrease of fifteen percent was seen with transactional intent during the said duration.
  • With regard to finance industry which relates with informational search an increase of four percent was seen in traffic during the said duration itself.

These are based on some of the past data and hence they are considered to have comparatively less significant changes and this is really a good sign for the site owners. It will form an interesting part to the every user to see whether the changes remain insignificant over the coming period of time. Hire the marketing agency that offers you the best SEO services for lawyers according to your budget visiting this website.

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