Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable and Functional

Is your home comfy? Does it"work" for you or would you adapt to the way it is constructed? Whether you're a baby boomers facing the realities of aging, a new mother with her hands full, or somebody with a physical handicap there are easy, economical techniques of making your house more comfortable and functional. Listed below are a Couple of ideas:

Throughout the home change Door Knobs into Door Levers. It's so straightforward and inexpensive to modify a door knob into a doorway lever but if you have arthritis or weak hands turning a door knob can be quite debilitating or even impossible. Additionally, if you're a new mother and have a baby in your arms, then it is a whole lot more difficult to turn that knob.

Perhaps you simply have your arms full of markets and it's difficult to turn this knob. Could you imagine if you have bad arthritis in your hands and walking through your home and each time you get into the doorways it hurts? If you substituted that knob with a lever you may touch it with a elbow. The arthritis issue along with all others are all gone.

In your bathroom there are numerous things you can perform. One would be to put in handlebars on your shower or close to the bathroom. This is fantastic when you've got weak knees. I've a customer who had a roman tub and she had been scared to change this to a shower since she didn't need to eliminate the value of the home. I asked ,"What is the value of knee surgery? You're going to be hitting your knee on that everyday." She shifted into a shower. She did not need to hit on her knee on it everyday to receive her toes from the shower.

You might also wish to set a seat along with a hand held spray from the shower. You may visit a home improvement store and purchase a chair for as cheap as $20 plus a handheld sprayer for another $20. This allows you to sit down at the shower and shampoo your hair or shave your legs. In case you've got weak knees, then it takes the strain off of these. In case you have problems feeling light headed or dizzy when standing, then this would remove the issue.

The shower or toilet floor may frequently be a danger itself. With all the soap and water it becomes slippery and you may quickly eliminate balance. There are lots of fixes for this by fast and simple to a bit more expensive. We have all seen those small stickers that you set on the base of the bath tub. Place those on - it is a inexpensive fix! If you're redoing your bathtub, you need to use smaller tile to the ground. It'll cost a bit more to perform this more compact tilebut if you employ a couple of inch tile onto the ground all that additional grout will provide you additional gripping.

You might believe the kitchen is a place it wouldn't be simple to modify. Not correct! The simple fix would be to change the handle in your sink into a one manage layout. Both knob layout brings up the exact same problem as the door knob. It is going to be simpler on someone with arthritis or simply gets their hands full with a brand new baby to have the ability to use a bit to control the faucet. Taking it a step farther, I just watched a showroom that they have a brand-new faucet outside and you may touch it everywhere on the tap to turn it off or on!

One more thing is to be certain your handles in your cabinets are low enough so you can reach them. I'm only 5'2" so half my top cabinet space is wasted as far as I am concerned because I can not attain it. If you're in a wheelchair, then you have to be certain you have a good deal of lower cabinet space so you can get out there and cook.

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