How to make money from home during the corona virus outbreak 1 2 Why Not Forward This To A Friend? You’ll find this report useful - So please share it with people you care about! You can easily help your friends and family during this crisis by sharing this special report with them via email or via social media. Or, if you run a website of your own, please feel free to offer it as a free download. Thanks! Distributed By: Byron Ceron General Disclaimer: Although all reasonable care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, the publisher and the editor disclaim all liability for any inaccuracies or omissions in this publication. The publisher or editor accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any action taken based on any information, opinions or advice contained herein. It is advisable to seek expert and legal advice on any subject covered in this publication. Where applicable reference to the male gender applies to the female gender and vice versa. 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You can always unsubscribe with 1-click at any time. 3 Contents: Table of Contents Why Not Forward This To A Friend?........................................................................................................ 2 Register Now And Get Free Updates ....................................................................................................... 2 ....................................................................................................... 2 Contents:............................................................................................................................................................... 3 Introduction: ....................................................................................................................................................... 4 STOP PRESS – BONUS IDEA......................................................................................................................... 5 Instant Start Up Idea 1: Affiliate Marketing ....................................................................................... 5 Instant Start Up Idea 2: Selling Your Own Information Products ........................................... 8 Instant Start Up Idea 3. How To Make Money Taking Simple Photos .................................. 11 Instant Start Up Idea 4: Publish An eBook With Amazon Kindle............................................ 16 Instant Start Up Idea 5: Freelancing.................................................................................................... 19 Instant Start Up Idea 6: Get Paid To Take/Participate In Online Surveys........................ 23 Instant Start Up Idea 7: Winning an Almost UNFAIR Amount of Contests ....................... 26 Instant Start Up Idea 8: Get Paid To Be A Mystery Shopper (Online Too) ........................ 32 Instant Start Up Idea 9: Become An Online Tutor ......................................................................... 35 Instant Start Up Idea 10: Host Your Own Podcast Show ........................................................... 38 1. Select a Specific Topic for Your Podcast.................................................................................... 39 2. P.R.E.P. To Ensure You Host The Best Podcast Possible ................................................... 39 4. How To Make Money with Your Podcast.................................................................................... 41 5. Launch With At Least 3 Episodes .................................................................................................. 43 Conclusion .......................................................................................................................................................... 44 What To Do Next… ......................................................................................................................................... 44 4 Introduction: These are uncertain times. Many hundreds of thousands of people have been asked to self-isolate and spend time at home during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. Many more have also lost their jobs along with their main source of family income. Finding yourself in this situation can be daunting, however this is where this free special report will be able to help you. It contains 10 proven home-based business ideas which can all be started instantly on a ‘shoe-string’ budget. Each idea has been carefully chosen to be included in this report by someone that’s been making their full-time living working from home, using a laptop computer for the last 19 years. This report isn’t about ‘traditional business models’ that require you to rent premises, employ staff or generally work yourself ragged as you build a company. Instead this special report is about the type of business where ‘the business’ exists to take care of you and your needs. Doesn’t that sound like ‘a breath of fresh air’ amongst all the doom and gloom we’re currently seeing on the TV news channels right now? How much money can you make? While you’re unlikely to make ‘a million dollars by teatime’… depending on the business model you choose and how much effort you put in, your income from these ideas could range between a few hundred dollars per week to $2,000 or more a month. Perhaps much more. You decide how big you want to build your business, what to invest and whether you want to do it alone or with the help of others. On the following pages you’re going to discover FIVE hand-picked and proven Instant Startup Business Ideas which have been specially chosen with beginners-to-business in mind. You’ll find a full description for each idea… What the business involves… And, in most cases, we’ve also included some “extra tips” together with links to additional information and resources to assist you further. I hope you enjoy this free report, I look forward to hearing about your successes. 5 STOP PRESS – BONUS IDEA Before we get started with all the ideas contained in this report, here is A BONUS IDEA that you might like to get started with immediately. Each of the links in this guide are what’s known as affiliate links. This means any time you click a link in this report, visit a website and then later decide to make a purchase… The affiliate named on page 2 will make a small sales commission. If you would like to RE-BRAND this report to contain your affiliate links, instead of the affiliate named on the front page… (so you get paid that small sales commission instead) … Then CLICK HERE NOW to discover how. Once you RE-BRAND this report to contain your affiliate links you can share this Instant Startups special report with as many people as you like, knowing that you will be rewarded for every sale your rebranded report generates. CLICK HERE NOW for full details of how to re-brand this report. If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘affiliate marketing’ then this first idea on the following pages will help to explain everything in a little more detail for you. If you’re ready… Let’s get started. Instant Start Up Idea 1: Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is an arrangement in which an online retailer pays you a commission for traffic or sales generated from your referrals. For example, let’s say you’re an affiliate for the XYZ product. You recommend to me, your reader or subscriber, that I purchase XYZ and I do. You earn a commission on that sale because you are the person who referred me. You’re promoting other people’s products - often through an affiliate network - to earn a commission, when the people you refer, buy the product. And once you have your own products, you can offer promoters a financial incentive through an affiliate program to promote your products too. We’ll cover this in the next section. In affiliate marketing, it generally takes four parties to make a sale: The product owner, also known as a vendor or merchant. The affiliate who promotes the product (that’s you). 6 The customer who buys the product, thanks to your referral. The affiliate network, which acts as an intermediary between you (the affiliate) and the vendor/merchant. Tip: Affiliate networks can also serve as databases of products you can promote. is an excellent example of an affiliate network. There are many ways to market affiliate products, but for our purposes here, we’ll talk about one of the easiest and most common methods to get started: Reviewing products in your favorite niche. By writing reviews, you can come across as an impartial third-party person who is helping the reader to decide between different options. Well written reviews are not only helpful, but they can also rank high in the search engines, earning you free traffic. Get the products in your hand and use them before writing your reviews, so that you know what you’re talking about. Write about what you like and dislike concerning the product. Talk about how you personally used it, what you used it for, and how well it did its job. And be sure to include your affiliate link for those who want to purchase it. On your website, be sure to collect email addresses of your visitors. You can do this with a ‘Hello Bar’ across the top of the page, or an Exit Popup when someone leaves the page, and of course by adding a sidebar widget to every page. In all of these locations, offer something for free such as a free report or video, in exchange for your visitor’s email address. Then keep your list apprised of all your latest product reviews. Even with a few hundred people on your list, you can create significant sales by sending them regular updates. There are many more ways to sell affiliate products, but this will give you a good start. Affiliate Marketing Tips Paid Advertising - If you get good at using paid advertising, you can earn money on tap anytime you like. The key is to spend less getting a customer than you earn from that customer. And to do this, you’ll want to test, test and test some more. Ideally you want to spend as little on advertising as possible, while getting the biggest return. 7 Life Time Customer Value - It’s important to realize that the lifetime value of a customer is almost always more than you initially earn from the first sale. Once a customer knows you and trusts you, they may buy from you numerous times. Which means you can sell them not just one product, but many products over the course of weeks, months or years. There Is No Ceiling On Income - You can promote as many products as you have time and traffic for. Naturally, some products will be more lucrative than others. If a product has already been promoted to death, consider choosing something newer. However, It Will Take Time To Make Serious Money - There is a learning curve to affiliate marketing. Plus, the real money is found in your email list, which takes time to build. Be patient and keep working at it. Your first goal? To simply make that first $1. It’s a learning process and takes time. Most people who fail in affiliate marketing simply quit too soon, before they have a chance to learn what they’re doing. Learn From Others - Many, MANY affiliate marketers have gone before you and become hugely successful. Fortunately, some of them have created courses on how to duplicate their success. There is no need to make the same mistakes they made or try to invent new systems when you can simply copy what they do. Further Information And Recommended Resources If you would like further details about generating an income via Affiliate Marketing CLICK HERE now for a detailed Home Study Course and a training program aimed at beginners who are new to getting started with Affiliate Marketing for the first time. A 70% Discount off the already low price has been arranged for readers of this Instant Startups special report. This discount cannot last forever so please CLICK HERE now. 8 Instant Start Up Idea 2: Selling Your Own Information Products You can create and sell information products in almost any niche where people are willing to spend money to get information. And you can get started before you even have your first product. In fact, it’s the best way to do it. Otherwise, you could spend weeks creating a product that no one wants to buy. Here’s the process for refining and testing your idea prior to creating the product: You have a product idea. Great! This is the place to start, but don’t get too attached to your idea yet. Look for what products and services are already out there with the same idea. Consider how you might improve upon them by delivering something that solves not only the customer’s problem, but also fills the gaps left by competing products. Amazon is a great place to do this sort of research. You can find books on similar topics and see what the reviewers say. Maybe there are topics missing from the books, or problems that aren’t properly addressed. Your information product can fill these gaps. You can also check out Buzzsumo, which shows you what’s popular, based on social shares. And finally, check on YouTube to find out what people want to know about this topic, what videos they’re watching, what their comments are and so forth. Now that you’ve refined your idea, it’s time to validate it. After all, you don’t want to create a product just to find out that no one wants to buy it. And the way you’re going to do that is to ask people to pay for it. You’ll find these people by taking the URL from one of the posts on Buzzsumo and plug it into a tool called Topsy. For example, maybe the Buzzsumo post was on how to build your own greenhouse. By plugging that link in, Topsy will show you a list of all the people who tweeted that greenhouse post’s link. You then hit the reply button, and directly tell them about your idea. For example, “@bobcushman Saw you like greenhouses, too ? Would you buy a step by step video series that shows you exactly how to build your own?” 9 Make sure to ask if they will BUY your idea, not just if they like it. Saying they like something is not the same as spending money on it. If they respond with a yes, give them the chance to buy it by replying with something like, “Awesome, here’s the link to buy: [LINK] Will create it if 5 people buy.” Once you cross your threshold and you’re sure that people will actually buy your product, then you can start to create it. The actual process of creating your first information product is too much to include everything that you need to know within the pages of this special report. However, if you’re interested, click the link in the ‘further information’ section below for details about how to claim your complimentary copy of my favorite book about this topic called Six Figures A Year In Information Publishing. Information Product Creation Tips Perfection Is The Enemy Your job is to create a product that is ‘good enough.’ For an information product, it’s important that you give useful, helpful information that your buyers can immediately put into use. It’s not necessary to make it read like Shakespeare or have it formatted like a work of art. Get your product good enough to ship, and then start selling it. If you wait until it’s perfect, you’ll never launch anything. Don’t Go At It Alone Get affiliates on board as quickly as possible because they can reach far more potential buyers than you can. Yes, you’ll pay them 50% commissions or better, but it’s totally worth it. Just think that for every sale they make, you’ll earn a percentage. But for sales never made, you earn nothing. You can use digital product platforms such as or to easily set up affiliate programs and allow partners to collect commissions on their sales. Stuck For Content? Interview Experts 1 0 Maybe you don’t have the knowledge about your topic to make a great product. That’s okay! Interview experts in your niche, record the interviews and transcribe them. Then take everything and organize it into a useful product. Be sure to extensively interview your experts, getting specific action steps to use as the core of your product. And be brave when seeking out experts. You’re going to be amazed at the people who say yes. That said, not everyone will agree to being interviewed, and that’s okay. You don’t need everyone; you just need some. Doctors, professors, business people, authors and all kinds of experts will agree to being interviewed. After all, it’s extremely flattering, and some of them want the publicity too. You can offer to share profits with your subject, or not. It’s up to you. Frankly, I think it’s a great idea to give them a percentage, or to offer to donate a percentage of profits to their favorite charity. Hate Writing? Create An Audio Or Video Course There’s nothing that says you have to create a written product. In fact, some people prefer to watch web videos or listen to audio recordings such as MP3 files or listen to Podcasts. So, if you love to talk about your subject, go ahead and make an outline, and then start recording yourself. Have the recordings transcribed and you can use the transcriptions as a bonus to your main product. Further Information And Recommended Resources Right now you can claim a free* copy of Six Figures A Year In Information Publishing and have this shipped to your door (anywhere in the world) as long as you’re prepared to pay a small shipping and handling fee of $6.95. This is a concise 112+ page book which will explain four of the keys to success that you really need to know if you are going to aim for the maximum amount of sales in the minimum amount of time and I highly recommend it. Simply visit CLICK HERE NOW for further details and to claim your free* copy. 1 1 Instant Start Up Idea 3. How To Make Money Taking Simple Photos You might think that taking and selling your own photos is out of your reach. After all, there are professional photographers out there – how can you possibly compete with them? Easy. Thanks to the internet, you have an almost unlimited opportunity to sell your photos in a myriad of ways. And thanks to the super easy-to-use digital camera and even smartphone cameras, you can begin taking professional looking shots with just a little bit of practice. How much money can you earn taking photos? This will depend. Stock photos might earn you just a few bucks with each download – then again, one photo can be downloaded an infinite number of times. However, to give you an example, the photograph below has already generated thousands of dollars for the person that took it, take a look at the photo below: I’ll tell you where you can find out more information about this particular photo (and many more like it) in just a minute, as the person that snapped it has continually been able to make themselves some considerable amounts of extra cash in their spare time just by using the camera on their Smart Phone. More on this in just a moment. In addition to selling digital copies of your photos, you can also sell physical prints, you might sell the small ones for $10 to $20 each, and the large ones for as much as $200 each. You can even increase sales by offering finish options such as matt, gloss, canvas and aluminum, as well as unframed, matted or framed. 1 2 And thanks to online services that print on demand, you can sell your photos on merchandise as well, such as on mugs, coasters, t-shirts, calendars, jigsaw puzzles and a lot more. Best of all, you can do all of this without stocking any inventory. When you get an order, you simply forward that order to your fulfillment house to create the item and ship it for you. Imagine you take just one really good photo. It might be as simple as a close up of an animal at the zoo, or a sunrise on the way to work. You offer this photo on a stock site where people pay for certain rights to publish the photo on their website or in their published work. Next you sell your own digital downloads of the photo from your own site. Plus, you sell physical prints from your site, too, along with framed prints and merchandise. And perhaps you even sell resales rights to your photo. Do you see how quickly the money can add up? And this is just one photo – you can repeat the process hundreds of times with as many photos as you want to take. Perhaps best of all, you can have fun doing this. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can keep your eye out for photo opportunities. Your main concern isn’t even trying to be a world champion photographer like the gals and guys who work at National Geographic. All you’re interested in is making money from your photos, which is a whole lot easier than winning photo contests or scoring a photography job at a magazine. Tips On Taking And Selling Your Photos Smart Phone Or Camera? These days the cameras in mobile phones are nothing short of amazing. You can take mid-range and long-distance photos that sell for a high price, especially if you remember to set your camera phone to the highest definition possible. That said, if you really want to get serious about this business, you might want to take your first profits and invest in a digital camera. You’ll be able to sell a wider variety of photos, such as close-ups and mega zooms, and play with the color tones, filters, shutter speed, exposure length and so forth that result in even more photo sales. 1 3 And the camera doesn’t need to be expensive, either. There are some very affordable Nikons and Canons that will deliver outstanding photos for far less than you think. But What If I Don’t Know HOW To Use A Camera? If things like exposure length and color tones are out of your league right now, then just start with the camera on your Smart Phone. Eventually you might take a basic online photography class or watch some YouTube videos to get up to speed on a more sophisticated camera. No worries, it’s not nearly as complicated as photographers would have you think. They just make it sound difficult because they know that even rank amateurs are proper competition these days with their Smart Phones. One Little Adjustment That Doubles Sales Okay, there’s actually SEVERAL little adjustments to photos and your photography technique that can greatly improve the quality of your photos and earn you far more sales. But my favorite money generating adjustment is cropping – cutting off all the bits that don’t enhance the overall photo. Just as sculptors say they chip away the bits that aren’t the statue they’re creating, you’ll want to crop away the bits that distract from what’s happening in your photo. And sometimes, the more you crop, the better the photo. Even though cropping is perhaps the simplest thing to do, it can also be the most difficult to master. I’ve found that people generally don’t crop enough, or they crop off the wrong thing. As with anything else, time and practice will make you a pro. Quality vs Interest? The highest quality photo of a coffee cup (yawn) is never going to trump a mediocre quality photo of a new mom holding her baby for the first time. Ideally, you want to take photos that evoke emotion, deliver a message, express strong symbolism, create atmosphere or are provocative in some way. 1 4 Who Is Going To Buy My Photos? The short answer is businesses and individuals. The long answer is – in the beginning – it will usually be businesses. For example, an individual is usually looking for those once in a lifetime type of photos to hang on their wall. With practice you will soon be able to create these types of photos. But when you’re very first starting out, it’s much easier to sell stock photos. Let’s say a food blogger writes a post on 20 ways to use excess zucchini in the summer when the zucchini plants are overproducing. They’re going to want to have at least one photo of zucchinis. And if you’ve already taken that photo, they just might buy it. How do you take a photo of zucchini? Maybe arrange them in a pile with flowers for contrast or snap a photo of your dog holding one. Really, just use your imagination and you’ll come up with a dozen creative ways to photograph zucchini in about five minutes. You’re filling a demand – the blogger who needs zucchini photos – and it’s as easy as pie if you happen to have a few zucchinis lying around in your fridge. What Can You Photograph? Almost anything. Fruits, vegetables, bakery, grains, wine with cheese, etc. Landscapes, cityscapes, trees, flowers, nature, animals, etc. Above water, under water, while you’re flying, while you’re hiking, on a break at work, when you’re at the park, when you go for a stroll… …really, you can photograph almost anything. The one thing you might stay away from is brand names to avoid copyright problems. For example, don’t take photos of cans of Coca-Cola – Coke has their own photographers for that, and they might not appreciate their product being seen in your photos without their express permission. Other than that, you’re free to snap away and make all the money you like. 1 5 What’s The Future Of Photos? In a word… drones. While there are photographers using drones now, the market is still so wide open it’s almost ridiculous. The cost of drones is coming down and the ease of using them is going up. And with a tiny bit of imagination, you can take amazing, neverbefore seen shots with drones that will blow people’s minds and make you sales. Do I Need Photoshop Skills? Many of your photos won’t need any manipulation at all. However, there will be times that Photoshop or any photo manipulation program can be a tremendous advantage. Fortunately, you don’t need photoshop yourself. You can hire a pro at Upwork to manipulate your photos for you for about $10. Remember, you’ll be selling your photos for a LOT more than $10, so it’s worth the investment. How Do I Promote My Photos Online? This is an EXCELLENT question. After all, you can have terrific, mesmerizing, awe-inspiring photos that people would LOVE to buy, but if no one knows about them, then nothing will happen. The very best places to promote your photos are on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Imgur. Of course, there are techniques that get sales like clockwork, and techniques that will have the opposite effect or even get you banned. I don’t have room here to go into how to use each site, but I do have a resource that can teach you not only how to promote your photos, but everything else you need to know to make a success of this business. And if you don’t like to do your own promotion, you certainly don’t need to. There are companies that will do it for you. Simply take your snaps, upload them, and let the companies do all the selling for you. Further Information And Recommended Resources. There is a new detailed step-by-step membership site called ‘Get Paid To Take Photos’ which you can take for a test drive today for just $1 (ONE DOLLAR!) which we highly recommend if the idea of taking and selling photos online interests you. If you would like further details on generating an income by taking photos with your smart phone CLICK HERE NOW for further details. 1 6 Instant Start Up Idea 4: Publish An eBook With Amazon Kindle Have you ever thought of writing a book or a novel and releasing it on Amazon Kindle? Perhaps writing your own book is something that’s been on your bucket list for some time. Now is the perfect time to write!... and it needn’t take you very long either. You may be surprised to learn that you do not have to be the next J.K.Rowling or E.L.James to make a fantastic living from selling Kindle books. Many regular, every day people are already discovering how extremely profitable selling low-cost eBooks via Kindle can be. Here is what you need to know if you’d like to do the same. Sometimes to be a success, you just need to be in the right place, with the right product. And right now, one of the 'right places' is on Amazon, and the right product is almost any Amazon Kindle eBook priced at $2.95 or less. For example… 26-year old Amanda Hocking sells around 100,000 copies per month of her books on Kindle. Most of her books are priced at $2.95 or $.99. And with 200,000 copies of her books being sold through Amazon Kindle each month, she earns $175,000 - a month! So how is she able to get that many sales per month? By setting the prices on her books so low that people don't mind taking a chance buying them. The buyer figures that at 95 cents a book or even $2.95 a book, they don't have much to lose, and might just find the book entertaining. So, they buy the book. Amanda has discovered the true secret to success of selling Amazon Kindle books. By lowering the prices to impulse buy levels, she gets a hundred times the sales of most other Kindle Books. 1 7 And with Amazon Kindle, the author keeps 70% of the sale price, which means Hocking can make millions per year on the sales of her action/adventure books. Not only that, her book sales numbers haven't gone unnoticed by Hollywood. She has already landed a movie deal for one of her books. Amanda has nine books on Amazon. Four are priced at $.99, and five books are priced at $2.95. You can find her books at Amanda Hocking Books Update: Amanda's kindle books sold as many as 450,000 copies – in just one month - earning her over half a million dollars for that one month's sales. And it's not just US writers earning this kind of money. According to an article in the UK Guardian, others are doing the same. If you want to try your hand at achieving this kind of success, here's what you need to know: 1. Fiction books outsell how-to books 10 to 1 on the Kindle. So, if you want to hit the big time, write a short novel. Either a mystery, a zombie fest, a bodice ripper, or science fiction. 2. Price your book at $2.95 or less. This will generate a lot of sales. 3. Write more than one book. The more you have available for sale, the more sales (and income) you'll generate. You can read more about independent author successes with Kindle books in these articles: 2#ixzz1FNOVwjt7 Do you want to write a best seller, but can't write? That's OK As the example in this article shows. All you need to be able to do is string together a few funny sayings, and you could have a best seller - and maybe even a film or TV deal. OK, let's say you want to write a best-selling book. But you don't really have time to write a 300-page novel or a 140-page how-to book. And you really haven't honed your writing skills to where you can string together more than few coherent paragraphs. 1 8 In the past, that would have been a real obstacle if your goal was to become a best-selling author. But in the days of short attention span readers, instant publication via the internet, and zero cost delivery of electronic text, not being able to write isn't a problem. All you need to do is to be able to string together an entertaining sentence or two - and it doesn't even have to be your own words. If you can do that, and can do that over and over, you might end up with a New York Times best-selling book. And maybe even a top-rated TV show based on your book. Example: Justin Halpern, a 29-year-old single guy moved back in with his family after his girlfriend dumped him. His father was quite a character and didn't hesitate to tell Justin what he thought. His father was always saying things like . . . "You don't have to be good to succeed. You just gotta be the least crappy option. Example: We're eating at The Olive Garden." Anyway, Justin thought his dad's saying were pretty funny, so he started writing them down and sharing them in a daily tweet. At first, he only had ten people reading his daily tweets. But soon, he had hundreds. Then thousands. Then hundreds of thousands. Today, he has almost two million people following his daily tweets. As the number of Justin's twitter followers grew, book publishers, smelling a profit, offered to pay him to publish a list of things his father said. Justin agreed to a deal with publishing giant Harper Collins, and within a matter of weeks had written a book he called 'Sh*t my Day Says'. Within a month, the book landed on the New York Times best seller list. Soon after, CBS negotiated the rights to produce a TV show based on the book and paid Justin close to a million dollars. After the success with his first book, Justin followed up with a second. "More Shi*t my Dad says." That book was also a success. He has since followed up with two more books. Different subject matter, but same style of writing, and both are doing well. 1 9 So, what can you learn from this? Most importantly, no idea is too dumb for a book. And a book of lists (like things your dad, your girlfriend, your mechanic, your doctor said or did), might become a best seller and might lead to a Film or TV deal. The point is, you don't really need to be an accomplished writer to create a best seller. You just need to create something that is entertaining and easy to read. Even if it is just a list of things other people said or did. For inspiration, get a copy of 'Sh*t my Day says'. Find it and his other books at Justin Halpern Books As you read his books, you'll be saying, 'I could have written this . . .'. And you probably could of. Today might be a good day to start on your own best seller. Further Information And Recommended Resources: If you would like further details on generating an income by becoming a Kindle Author, CLICK HERE NOW to connect with a team that can show you how to take your first book all the way through from beginning to best seller in just 24 hours! Instant Start Up Idea 5: Freelancing Freelancing is doing jobs – usually over the internet, but it could be in person – on a job-by-job basis. According to Forbes, between 2005 and 2015, 94% of the 10 million jobs created were either freelance or temporary gigs. This shows that the demand for freelancers is high and continues to grow, while traditional 9 to 5 day jobs are in a steady decline. It’s impossible to say how much you would earn as a freelancer, since it will depend on what kind of work you do, how much you charge and how many jobs you take. But according to Payoneer’s data, the average freelancer works 36 hours a week and earns $21 per hour – and it should be noted that’s not in one particular country, but across the world. Freelancers in the U.S. make an average of $31 per hour. What can you do as a freelancer? That will depend on the skills you have now and the skills you are willing to learn, but here are some ideas: 2 0 o 3D Artist o Academic Writer o Accountant o Advertising Copywriter o App Developer o Architect o Article Writer o Artist o Blog Writer o Book Designer o Book Editor o Bookkeeper o Business Analyst o Business Writer o C Programmer o CAD Designer o Comic Artist o Commercial Writer o Computer Programmer o Concept Artist o Content Writer o Copyeditor o Copywriter o Creative Director o Drupal Developer o Electrical Engineer o Fashion Designer o Fashion Stylist o Fiction Editor o Film Editor o Flash Designer o Game Developer o Grant Writer o Graphic Designer o Health Writer o Industrial Design o Interior Designer o Interpreter o IT Consultant o Legal Writer o Logo Designer o Magazine Writer o Marketing Consultant o Media Buyer o Medical Editor o Medical Transcriptionist o Medical Writer o Motion Graphics o Personal Assistant o Photo Editor o Photo Retouching o php Developer o Product Designer o Professional Services o Project Manager o Public Relations o Science Editor o Science Writer o SEO Consultant o Software Developer o Sports Writer o Tech Support o Technical Writer o Textile Designer o Travel Writer o Video Editor o Virtual Assistant o Visual Merchandiser o Web Copywriter o Web Designer To get started in freelancing, you typically need a computer or laptop, any necessary software and a way to get clients. Many freelancers start out on to get their first clients, but it will depend on the contacts you already have as well as your chosen niche. You can do freelancing from almost anywhere you have an internet connection, which is why it makes a great lifestyle business. With this in mind, let’s now give you some tips to make the most out of the Freelancing opportunity that’s available to you. 2 1 Freelancing Tips Freelance Work Isn’t Just One-Time Projects Start-ups and small businesses typically hire freelancers for shortterm projects, but recently the trend has begun to change. Companies are now integrating freelancers into their core business as a way of running lean. It is possible to get freelance positions that last as long as six months, meaning steady work and steady pay for you. Local Is Meaningless Because you work over the internet, you can take clients from anyplace in the world where you speak their language. This also means you can work from anyplace you have an internet connection, from home, your local café or across the world on a working vacation. Rejection Is Part Of The Job It’s a number’s game. You go after 6 jobs and you only get maybe 2 to 4 of them. Don’t get discouraged when you get a no, just look at it as being that much closer to a yes. In the beginning it can be tough, but as soon as you start to get jobs under your belt, getting more jobs becomes easier. You Must Build A Portfolio Even if you’ve never done work for anyone before, you need a portfolio. For example, if you want to write articles and blogposts for companies, write several samples to show prospects. It’s much easier to sell your services once they have an idea of what you can do for them. It’s Hard To Separate Home From Work If you’re working at home, you will be continually interrupted by the phone, family, and those dishes that need to be done. 2 2 You may find yourself putting work off to do other things, and then trying to catch up in the evenings when you should be spending time with the family. Your best bet is to block off time each day when you do nothing but work. Think of it as ‘going into the office,’ much like if you had a regular job. This will greatly simplify things and lower your stress, as well as allowing you to get your work done. Scheduling Can Be Tricky You have no work on Monday, and Tuesday morning you have 3 or 4 clients who suddenly all need work done by Thursday. You’ll want to devise a system for dealing with this sort of thing. And you may need to sometimes say no if you simply can’t fit a job in. You’re Probably Not Charging Enough In the beginning you’ll want to take almost any job at almost any price just to get the experience. But once you’ve done a few jobs and shown what you can do, it’s time to start raising your prices accordingly. Consider how much value you are giving your customers, as well as how much of your own expertise and time you are investing in each job. Let your clients know that they do indeed get what they pay for, which is why you are not the cheapest. Which brings up one last point… never market yourself or your skills on price alone. Being the cheapest is a sure way to the poor house. You will have to take on too much work, which means the quality will suffer, and you will lose repeat clients. It truly is best for everyone if you learn to charge what you, your skills and your work are worth. Further Information And Recommended Resources. If you would like further details on generating an income by offering your services as a freelancer CLICK HERE NOW for further details together with help and support from a team that really cares about your success. 2 3 Instant Start Up Idea 6: Get Paid To Take/Participate In Online Surveys Why would anyone pay you to take an online survey? The answer is because ‘big businesses’ are always conducting market research and looking for new ways to better understand their customers including the customer’s thought process and buying behaviour. So, if anyone ever tells you that your opinion is not worth anything… You can tell them they’re lying … …As there are literally thousands of companies that are all looking for YOU to tell them your opinion on a variety of things. And that’s fantastic news especially when you realise that you can get paid – in some cases paid very handsomely – for sharing your opinion and answering a few simple questions, as you participate in a paid online survey, hosted by any one of the many survey sites that are online. It only takes a quick Google search to find an abundance of sites that allow you to answer a few quick questions about yourself, your Internet surfing habits, food and drink and a whole range of other things in return for a reward. Answer enough surveys and you will accumulate points which you can then turn into cold hard cash. In fact, some people have reported to the UK based Money Saving Expert that they have earned over £800 from taking part in such surveys, while other individuals in the United States, have reported even higher earnings. “It takes a few years to build up enough to cash out with various sites, but I earned £800 last year in cash and vouchers. Comes in very useful!” - funnyguy, United Kingdom. “I’ve been taking paid surveys online since 2009 and have earned over $274,000 JUST from participating in paid online surveys.” – Jason White, United States 2 4 How Long Does a Survey Take? Completing a survey on the Internet is a genuinely simple process. It’s a question of registering to take part and then completing a few online forms as you answer the questions. You do not need any special computer skills. In some ways it’s very similar to setting up an e-mail account, ordering something online… or joining a discussion forum. If you can only type with two fingers and click the ‘next button’, you have all the skills to do this. Once you find the survey that pays out the highest amount, the rest of the process really is as simple as what I’ve described above… (Okay, so sometimes you might have to decide to make a YES/NO decision or choose from some multiple choice questions) … But that really is as hard as it technically gets. All you need to do is answer each of the questions honestly. Most of which are going to be about who you are and what you like to do. It is worth setting aside some time in your schedule for completing surveys. In just 1-2 hours you can get through several of them. HOT TIP: When you start each new survey, you will be advised approximately how long the survey would take the average person to complete... and some surveys may also give you a time-limit within which all the questions should be answered. The chances are, however, you will complete all the questions in plenty of time, faster than that. Try not to be too quick though, because administrators are getting wise to some of the short-cut technology being used by less desirable individuals that may try to cheat the system (you could find your account blocked and your profits withheld if you try to cheat the system). When a new question is asked, it always pays dividends to read the question TWICE… and think about your response before confirming your answer, even if the question and answer seems pretty straightforward. Popular Online Surveys 2 5 Taking part in online surveys and getting paid for your opinions is something that need not take a long time out of your day and can be interesting pastime. When you arrive at a survey site you will see, usually, a box marked “Most Popular Surveys”. These are the ones that are completed more often than any others. Sometimes it is because those surveys are short and quick and easy to complete… Other times it may be because it is on a popular subject … Or perhaps because of a larger financial reward from completing that survey. You can always start with the popular surveys and then explore the survey site in a little more detail to see what else is on offer, as more often as not, the survey site you join will have a range of topics for surveys. These will range fairly broadly, from things such as food and drink, electrical products and so on. It is a good idea to find as many surveys as possible in a section that interests you. Remember, not only will these surveys pay money to you, they will also be seen by people who have an interest in acting on the results. It is worth adding your voice in a case like this, and who knows, something you voted for may take place. Drawbacks of Online Surveys One drawback is the fact that online surveys do not always pay out immediately – The way many online survey sites operate is to complete the survey and give points for doing so, and these points then accumulate to a certain amount, whereupon you can turn the points into cash and get paid. This can take some time, especially if you only have limited hours in which to do the surveys. Not all survey sites work this way… but many you’ll find using Google do work this way. Survey sites that allow you to get paid directly into your bank account or PayPal account can be a little trickier to find… But they do exist. The good news is that everyone with a computer and an Internet connection can do this! How To Find Good Online Surveys 2 6 The best way of finding online surveys is to quite simply search Google or a similar search engine, with the term “paid online surveys”. There are numerous sites that will be returned in the search results for you and it is certainly possible to sign up for a few of them and see some fast results. Do as many surveys as you have time to do. The benefits of joining as many sites as you can are clear. Some sites have different ways of paying out. On one site the pay-outs may come as vouchers, whereas on others, they will come in a cheque or as a cash payment. Having more than one source of online income benefits you as you may well receive payments at regular intervals rather than all in one go. Further Information And Recommended Resources Jason White (who calls himself the King of paid surveys – as a result of the income he has generated by taking part in them since 2009), has recently put together a how-to guide detailing how to make maximum money from taking part in paid online surveys in minimum time which you may like to review. In the guide he explains how “I went from generating $3 per survey to $500 per survey” … all because of a simple trick nobody else had even thought of. If you would like further details for generating the most amount of money from online surveys in the shortest amount of time, then CLICK HERE NOW for full details – and get started right now. Instant Start Up Idea 7: Winning an Almost UNFAIR Amount of Contests Would you believe there are people earning a FULL TIME living by entering contests? 2 7 I didn’t believe it either, but then I did some research and here’s what I discovered: There are people who treat entering contests like a part time job. And there are even some folks who make a full-time income doing this just a few hours a week. They’re called sweepers or compers (short for sweepstakes and competitions) and a surprising number of them make five figures a year entering these contests. I know, it sounds crazy, right? While there are many ways to enter sweepstakes (mail-in, call-in, inperson, texting) most of today’s contests take place online. Some of the ways to enter these contests is with a retweet, a hashtag, an Instagram photo or filling out a form. Easy stuff. And this is great news because it costs you nothing but a moment of your time to enter. While many people will enter one contest every now and then, “Sweepers” or “Compers” will enter hundreds of them using strategies most people have never even heard of. Yes, there are methods to winning these contests and when you know how, it’s possible to win several of them a year, or a month, or sometimes even in one week. How Much Do Sweepers And Compers Win?? Roughly half of regular sweepers report earnings of $1,250 per year. Roughly another quarter report winning over $3,000 in prizes per year. The other quarter? 22% of them win $3,750 - $12,500 per year. Not bad for just a couple of hours per week. But here’s the real kicker: 2 8 About 4% of compers win over $12,501 per year. How do those 4% of compers manage to win so much? Are they extraordinarily lucky? Or do they have some kind of system that increases their odds of winning the cars, appliances, dream vacations, gift cards and cash prizes? Let’s look at a couple of sweepers to see how they do it. Diana Won More Than $375,000 In Prizes Diana entered her first contest in the 1990’s, hoping to win tickets to a music festival. She stuck photos of the bands on the back of a postcard to make it stand out from the other entries and mailed it in. She won the tickets and she’s been addicted to sweepstakes ever since. Altogether she’s won more than $375,000 in prizes, including…  A brand new car  $40,000 in cash  $27,000 in product vouchers  Trips to Tokyo, Barcelona, Antigua, Cyprus and Brazil  Appliances such as a washing machine, refrigerator and dishwasher  12 televisions  5 iPhones  Flying lessons  And even a year of free ice cream. She estimates she enters about 300 online contests per month which takes her about 10 hours of time. That’s only 2 to 3 hours per week. And Diana is rather choosy about the contests she enters, looking for the special sweepstakes where she knows she’ll have an edge on the competition. She uses that edge to win a crazy number of contests, but she says that anyone who knew her system could do the same thing. Carolyn’s Won $250,000 In Her Sweepstakes Career Unlike Diana, Carolyn is more interested in entering a lot of competitions using a quantitative strategy – the more she can enter, the more she can win. 2 9 In fact, she’s won $250,000 in her sweepstakes career by entering as many contests as humanly possible. That must mean she spends a great deal of time entering these contests, right? Actually, she uses some simple software and key websites to enter 200 contests in just one hour. She says that luck has nothing to do with winning because it all comes down to effort, persistence and experience. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s picked up the tricks of the trade along the way to increase her chances of winning. In her best year so far, Carolyn won over $60,000 in prizes including a trip to the Olympics and a meeting with Sting. Why Do Companies Run Thousands Of Highly Lucrative Sweepstakes? Because they’re looking for brand exposure, sales and new customers. And brands almost always get more out of a promotion than they put in. That’s why they keep offering these contests. A word of caution: There are certain sweepstakes that are best avoided. For example, some operators use prizes as ploys to gather and sell your data. Fortunately, sweepers learn which contests to enter and which ones to avoid. If you live the U.S., you’ll need to pay taxes on your winnings just as you do on income. If you live in the U.K., you don’t pay taxes on winnings. The rules in other countries vary, so check with your tax expert. But of course, it’s better to win $10,000 and keep most of it than to not win it at all. When you win prizes that you don’t personally want, such as 12 televisions, you can sell or barter them locally or over the Internet. I know one woman who paid her dentist bill with season tickets to the theater. And it never hurts to ask if you can have the cash equivalent. Depending on the contest, sometimes they’ll even offer you cash rather than having to ship the item to you. 3 0 Is it Skill or is it Luck? Believe it or not, entering and winning contests is as much about skill as it is luck. In fact, people who consistently win at contests will tell you that there is a learning curve. When they first started, even the highest winning sweepers didn’t know what they were doing, but after several months they realized there were numerous ways to get an advantage over other contestants. That’s why they win so often now. Comping can be a hobby or part time job for you. Either way, it can be highly lucrative. Some patience is needed. You might enter a hundred contests the first week and not see results yet because those contests haven’t ended yet. But once you get into the rhythm of entering, you might go on vacation for two weeks and come home to discover you’ve won several contest prizes while you were away. Perhaps most fun of all is never knowing when you’ll win your next contest. You might receive a letter, email or phone out of the blue letting you know that you won. You could even get two or three winning notifications in one day. It’s like Santa Clause keeps dropping in on you without warning, bearing gifts for a contest entry you might have made a month or two ago. How You Can Consistently Win Contests: Decide if you want to go for quantity or quality. The quantity strategy involves entering as many contests as possible to increase the odds of winning. This can be somewhat tedious and boring unless you know the shortcuts. Remember Carolyn above? She can enter 200 contests in about an hour. The quality strategy is to enter contests where you have a much higher chance of winning. Here are three examples of many: These contests might be local, which narrow the pool of contestants. 3 1 They might involve a skill, such as choosing a new brand name or writing a sentence about a product. Or a contest holder could be looking for social media attention, and so they want to choose a winner with a high social media following. These are just three examples of using quality to win, but they illustrate how you can use your location or skills to gain a tremendous advantage over other contestants. Most serious contestants gravitate towards the contests where they have an edge. And that’s why some of them can win thousands of dollars in prizes nearly every single month. You’ll want to invest at least an hour a week to entering contests to begin seeing real results. If you can invest an hour a day, that’s even better. And best of all, you can do it at home on your living room sofa. Further Information and Recommended Resources There is one simple trick which can accelerate your sweeping success exponentially and have you winning in no time. This resource spills ALL the sweepers’ secrets to making a full time living by entering sweepstakes. Just read what Annalisa says: “So here’s my dirty little secret. I am a “sweeper,” as aficionados call it. Entering sweepstakes is a hobby for me and 55 million other Americans. But it’s a hobby that frequently pays off. Among other prizes, I’ve won a Toyota Prius, three trips to the Caribbean and one to Space Camp, jewelry, spa treatments, gift cards and cash.” Jennifer won stacks of gift cards including one for $1,000, a $500 check from Reader’s Digest, a home theater system, a $1,000 check from Kewl Cash, appliances, cookware, $7,500 cash and a brand-new Toyota Camry. Dianne won £300,000 in prizes including an all-expenses paid trip to Brazil, a new car and £7,500 in cash. Will your name be here next? And what prizes will you win? 3 2 Further Information And Recommended Resources If you would to know how a silly hobby you can do from your couch, earns ordinary people a fortune in prizes, then CLICK HERE NOW for full details – and get started right away. Instant Start Up Idea 8: Get Paid To Be A Mystery Shopper (Online Too) I know it may sound like a funny time to suggest ‘a shopping spree’ as you’re currently meant to be staying at home during this Coronavirus Outbreak… However, becoming a Mystery Shopper may still be something to consider. This is because many mystery shoppers also work online and via the phone, as well as walking into a store or restaurant in person. And who knows, if you get the bug for this now… you may wish to continue later and that could include a great deal of meals out in all kinds of fancy restaurants. Believe it or not... There’s no better time to become a mystery shopper… and no better time to start your mystery shopping business. This is because eCommerce companies, shopping mall retailers and restaurant chain owners need to know how they are perceived by customers and understand if their ‘competition’ is setting even higher standards and taking customers away from them. Hence the need for regular checks to be made on all aspects of the customer experience. The problem is, however, there’s no easy way for these companies to investigate themselves. Staff who know they are being watched work harder and go the extra mile to the customers they are seen to be serving. This gives a false impression to the researchers. 3 3 So business owners ask Market Research companies to send ordinary every day shoppers into store, to make phone calls and online purchases and then report back on their personal experiences while interacting with the vendor. Would you like to be part of a business that’s 100% tried, tested and proven to work… and works even better during a recession or time of crisis? It can be extremely fun, rewarding and virtually zero cost to get started. These are the three reasons why many people decide to get started and then find themselves enjoying the benefits for many years to come. Main Categories Of Mystery Shopping.  Comparison Shopping  Customer Loyalty / Competitive Positioning  In Store Evaluation  Impulse Buying  Qualitive Research  Receiving Mail  Telephone Surveys  Internet Ordering / Research Typical Assignments There are a variety of tasks that you may be assigned to report back on. Whilst no two assignments are ever alike (as you will likely find out for yourself in due course), mystery shoppers carry out many different tasks in many different kinds of situations and locations. Nonetheless, the majority of tasks involve researching staff attitudes, courtesy towards customers, wait times, delivery of promised services, stock levels, hygiene, cleanliness and much more. What’s Expected Of You Your task might be to make a phone call to order a product over the phone, or online using the client’s website at a specific time of day… or (under usual circumstances) to actually visit a store in person during a specific time of day. When this happens it’s generally because the company ultimately hiring the Mystery Shopper, may be wanting to know about something that only happens at a particular time of day. It might be to know about call 3 4 waiting times, order processing delays or perhaps, in the case of a real on location visit, if the store becomes overrun with children, the checkout staff become harassed or the store runs out of shopping trolleys, baskets and so on. At other times you will be given a certain amount of freedom to fit the Mystery Shopping experience in with your own schedule. Reporting On Your Findings As a general rule, you will have to submit your finding by completing a report. Either one that’s been sent to you which you need to return in the mail or, as is increasingly becoming the case, by logging into a private ‘portal’ on the Marketing Research company’s website and completing a simple online questionnaire. None of these questions will be particularly difficult to complete and usually range from a simple set of yes/no type questions and a few other rating-based questions where you have to give a response from 0-10. There are usually only a few open questions where you’re required to type you answer in full. And even when you do, these types of questions are limited to a certain number of words. Keeping things short and concise is the name of the game here. HOT TIP: Complete the paperwork as soon as you can after completing the assigned task. If you are out and about on location, find a quiet coffee shop where you can sit down and get this done right away. Or, if you’re at home, write up your notes immediately before you get distracted and move onto the next thing on your schedule. Getting Paid Exactly how and when you get paid will vary from company to company. Most pay at the end of the month on submission of claim forms detailing your fees, expenses and items you were asked or allowed to buy. The market research company would then transfer your earnings directly into your bank account or in some cases into your or account. Generally, there are a few options you can choose. 3 5 Mystery Shopping is not a get rich quick scheme by any means. Instead Mystery Shopping is a very good way to make money from and maybe even get to keep a nice selection of goodies for free! As competition to keep customers loyal becomes even harder, more and more businesses are looking for mystery shoppers to help them. To either win old customers back… or increase the customer loyalty they already have. It’s easy to get started as a Mystery Shopper. The first step is to simply complete a registration form with a market research company that are currently looking for new recruits. One such Mystery Shopper focused research company can be found by CLICKING HERE. Are you surprised to hear how easy it is to become a mystery shopper? That's because these types of companies are always looking for new people to take part in their research. There are sometimes a few extra questions and sometimes small application / administration fees to join some of the better companies. However, be rest assured these are only small hurdles to ensure only enthusiastic and dedicated people’s applications are accepted. In reality though… if you can order a Big Mac at McDonald's, you have all the skills required to be a mystery shopper! Further Information And Recommended Resources. If you would like further details on generating an income by becoming a Mystery Shopper CLICK HERE NOW for further details and to register with a company that are actively looking to fill the positions of new recruits today. Instant Start Up Idea 9: Become An Online Tutor With all the kids and teenagers around the world spending time away from the school classroom – Why not consider becoming an online tutor? We’ll talk exactly about how to help make that happen in just a moment, as believe it or not, there are already a number of website pre-set up and which welcome applications from new tutors in order to start-off the interview process. 3 6 As a guide, an online tutor could receive circa $50+ per hour helping students with their studies online… and how many students you decide to take on is completely up to you. “I make $5,000 per month teaching online because people can easily search for all available courses via special websites making it easier for online teachers or tutors like me to get students. I get at least 12 course offers per week or roughly $5,000 per month!” - David Williams Los Angeles, USA As the online tutor, you are in control of exactly when you make yourself available for lessons with students. Courses can be scheduled to fit in with your existing schedule whether you are a morning person… or prefer to work later into the evening. You can fill up your schedule as little or as much as you like. Becoming an online tutor may be a perfect fit if you have worked in the education sector before, or perhaps you are a university student yourself. But, don’t let that stop you from perusing this idea if it’s been a few years since you have been in the classroom… You’ve been attending the school of hard knocks instead. Right now, there is a growing demand for online tutors. And because the classes and lectures happen using special video conferencing software together with private message boards and secure chat, you don’t have to be in the same geographical location as your student. In 2016 the online tutoring sector was estimated to have reached $63.57 Billion Dollars … and that amount is expected to continue to grow to a whopping £120.67 Billion by the end of 20121 according to As an individual tutor the hardest step is to find a reputable and trusted provider to match you with your students (and vice versa). Ensuring you are a good fit with your student will, at the same time, be of equal paramount importance for the Student or their family. Choose from thousands of available high-paying online tutor/teacher jobs… including…  3D Printing  Anatomy  Banking  Business Services  Change Management  Computer Basics  E-Business  Engineering 3 7  English for Teaching  English Speaking Skills  Food Safety  Global Health Initiative  Health and Safety  Human Nutrition  Irish  Management Professionals  Math  Music  Photography  Procurement  Psychology  Science  Sociology  Study Skills  Teaching and Training Professionals  Workplace Safety  Accounting  App Development  Biology  Care Provision  Chemistry  Construction Skills  E-Business and Marketing Professionals  English  English for Tourism  Entrepreneurial Skills  French  Google  Health Management  Human Resources  Job Search Skills  Manufacturing  Mental Health Studies  Nursing Studies  Photoshop  Programming  Quality Management  Six Sigma  Spanish Language Skills  Supply Chain Management  Tourism  Yoga  Accounting & Finance Professionals  Arabic  Business  Career Development  Childcare Studies  Customer Service  Economics  English Diplomas  English Grammar  Environment  Geography  Health & Healthcare Professionals  History  Information Technology  Law and Legal Skills  Marketing and Sales  Microsoft Office  Office Skills  Physics  Project Management  Risk Management  Social Media Techniques  Statistics  Swedish  Typing  Writing/Blogging  Adobe  Art  Business Communication Skills  Carpentry  Chinese Language Studies  Digital Creative Design  Electrical Engineering  English for Business  English Literature  Finance  German  Health and Fitness  Hospitality Management  Investment  Management  Masonry Skills  Multimedia Technology 3 8  Operations Management  Social Media  Project Maths  Sales Management  Social Work Skills  Strategic Management  Teacher Resources  Web Development Further Information And Recommended Resources. Ready to get started? If you would like further details on generating an online income by offering your services as a online tutor then CLICK HERE NOW for details of one of the most trusted websites that matches tutors to students. I’m sure this idea will pose many questions, so also be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions page on the website. Instant Start Up Idea 10: Host Your Own Podcast Show Have you noticed that the way everyone is listening to Audio is changing? The days when we would be listening to news on the radio or picking up our favorite music album ‘off the shelf’ and then listening to all the tracks has gone. In today’s world, the growing trend has become listening to our favorite music via or learning new information via a Podcast. The great news with today’s technology and this growing trend is that you no longer need to have an expensive radio station, recording studio or any ‘specialist equipment’ at all, to be able to ‘broadcast’ your message to millions of potential listeners all over the world. In fact, you probably have the only device you need to create a Podcast within 10 feet of wherever you are, right at this very moment… (your smart phone). Whether you have an iPhone or an Android Phone… or pretty much any other kind of modern-day cell phone, you have all the technology you’ll need to start hosting your very own Podcast. And it may surprise you to learn that hosting a Podcast can be an extremely profitable thing to do. 3 9 If you are interested in starting your own Podcast, then here are the basic steps you'll want to consider as you get started on your podcasting journey. 1. Select a Specific Topic for Your Podcast When selecting the topic of your podcast there are two directions you can go; you can either aim your Podcast for a mass market audience or you can go with a narrow niche audience. Unless you are a celebrity, TV presenter, actor or musician, with an existing social media following, I would suggest the second option would give you the fastest path to cash when it comes to monetizing your Podcast. Why is niching a Podcast to a special interest group such as “home schooling your child” or “Weight loss for new mothers” tailor-made for podcasting? Simple, because they work! A solid niche makes it easier for you to define your ideal audience as well as the types of sponsors and advertisers to target and the exact types of products to review or feature. There's also less competition, making it easier for you to claim your stake in the marketplace. When starting any online business or creating any type of information based or ‘how to’ style product, it’s always best practice to focus in on a specific niche within any marketplace. That’s a constant, whether you are going to write a book, start a membership site, creating a YouTube channel, creating a blog... or host your own podcast. 2. P.R.E.P. To Ensure You Host The Best Podcast Possible We’re going to use the acronym P.R.E.P. to unpack the core basics of making sure you start off your new Podcast on the right footing. Planning Even if you’re starting out with a minimal audience, as most Podcasters do, take advantage of this time to plan the long-term success of your Podcast as thoroughly and as professionally as you can. This means considering the following - even before you hit the record button. 4 0  Spend some time choosing the name for your Podcast and ensure you can also register the same for your website’s domain name (and all social media accounts).  Set up a dedicated website for your Podcast, even if you have a website already. If you use WordPress, install another copy of WordPress into a Sub Directory. This is because you may wish to set up an independent RSS feed just for your Podcast episodes. If you don’t do this, regular blog posts will ‘bump’ your podcast episodes of the bottom of your RSS feed.  Keep episode numbering simple to understand. Don’t harm your Podcast’s brand by having multiple formats of full-length shows and then highlights only… and having different numbering system for each. This will only cause confusion.  Have a professional graphic designer create your Podcast Artwork for you BEFORE you launch. You cannot be featured in Apple Podcasts and many other Podcast Directories without this.  Write at least basic show notes. Not only will these be great for Search Engine Optimization, and useful to listeners, it’s also a very seamless Call To Action to say “for more information just go to the website and download the show notes for Episode X for further information.”  When planning each episode, ensure you always include a short introduction at the beginning, by re-introducing yourself and what the Podcast is about. Then at the end of every episode, at the very least ask your listeners to Subscribe and leave reviews wherever they get their Podcasts. Recording & Equipment You can get started on a budget by using the built-in audio recorder app on your Cell Phone. However, if you want to take things up a notch, there is free audio recording / editing software for both Mac and Windows PCs you download from Add this to a good quality USB Microphone, such as the Audio Technica AT2020 USB mic or the Blue Yeti USB mic, both of which are available from, and you’re good to go! Just find yourself somewhere quiet to record. If your recordings sound echoey, try recording near a pair full length curtains in your 4 1 living room or sat on the bed. Materials like curtains and duvets absorb sound and go some way to naturally preventing an echo on your recordings. Editing Performing some basic edits to your Podcast can make your Podcast sound much more professional in a very short amount of time. It’s easy to edit audio using Audacity. At a bare minimum you should be sure to cut out any long periods of silence and any obvious mistakes made during the recording process. The majority of Audio editing programs include ways in which you can also digitally process the audio recording to make it sound more professional. As we cannot cover everything in this special report, search YouTube for tips and tricks to both normalize and compress your Podcast before you finally distribute it. Publishing It is a common misconception that you need to submit your Podcast to multiple different locations. You only need to open an account with one reputable Podcast distribution service, and you will still automatically be accepted into Apple Podcasts. Select your favorite from any of the Podcast distribution services below. Then use their free service to submit your Podcast for public distribution.       4. How To Make Money With Your Podcast Sponsorship Popular podcasts generate thousands of dollars each month through sponsorships agreements, using what is called a CPM or ‘cost per thousand’ advertising model. This means you would receive a set amount of money for including a pre-recorded piece of audio, just like a radio advert, at the beginning or in the middle of your Podcast. Rates will vary, however, to give you an idea, you may receive: • $18 per 1,000 downloads for a 15–second audio clip at the beginning of your Podcast. 4 2 • $25 per 1,000 downloads for a 60–second audio clip in the middle of your Podcast. This means, if your podcast gets 3,000 downloads per episode, you'll receive $54 for a 15–second pre–roll and $75 for a mid–roll slot. “Over time, this can add up quickly and could virtually cover all of your podcasting costs," says Paul Hollins, from who publishes the Steve Penk Wind Up Show and Steve Penk's Radio Nightmares comedy Podcast. Paul then goes on to say: “New podcasters in particular focus on downloads and finding sponsors, which is a great place to get started, but there are different ways to profit from a podcast -- even if you have a small audience." We will take a look at a few of these other ideas to monetize your Podcast next. Affiliate Income Getting started as an Affiliate Marketer can be as simple as joining an established affiliate network like and then searching for a product in their Affiliate Marketplace. Then simply mentioning that product on your Podcast. A percentage of people will then follow your guidance and visit the website you mention (using a special link you provide) and then make a purchase. As a result, you can generate a steady stream of affiliate commissions. Let me give you an extreme example? Have you ever seen what happens whenever Oprah features or endorses a produce on her show? Several books have become instant best sellers just because Oprah mentioned she liked a book she read. But you don’t need to have an audience fanbase the size of Oprah’s to make this idea work for you. You can still make a handsome income from a Podcast with a small number of downloads as Daniel J Lewis from is keen to explain. “Whether you have a small or large podcast, you can still make money from it.” Promoting Your Own Products / Services 4 3 Elsewhere in this special report you will also have read ideas about creating your own products. Perhaps Information Products such as Books, Manuals and Home Study Courses... Or even offering your services as an online coach or tutor. Your Podcast is a perfect platform to promote all of these. Remember, you having your listener’s ear… is a powerful way to build authority and reinforce the “know, like and trust" factor. You’re building that factor with your Podcast, so don’t be afraid to promote your own products and services… or offer exclusive discounts, assuming they are relevant to your Podcast audience. Premium Content Finally, you may also wish to create a Paid Member’s Area on your website, offering some premium content, which your Podcast listeners will need to pay a small fee to access. Premium Content could include previously unreleased interviews, cheat sheets, templates, eBooks, video courses, access to a help desk, versions of the Podcast without the ads…. And much more. The possibilities are endless. 5. Launch With At Least 3 Episodes Recording and distributing just one episode of your Podcast isn’t enough for new listeners to decide that they like your show. They usually need at least three episodes to be converted into true fans. In addition, having a few extra episodes of your Podcast available means you can attract more downloads in a shorter period of time when you launch for the first time. This is particularly useful because the number of downloads your Podcast receives are one of the key metrics Apple Podcasts look at when ranking new Podcasts for the New and Noteworthy category. So, ensure you publish at least three or four episodes of your podcast to your Podcast host before submitting your show to Apple. 4 4 Important Tip: But don’t get carried away! Apple Podcasts looks at downloads over time as well. Let’s say you launch with ten episodes and each get five downloads (a total of 50 downloads). When you publish your next episode a week later and that episode only gets five downloads as well…. Apple Podcasts will think, “Oh, they’re popularity is declining. Let’s take them off New and Noteworthy.” It’s just something to be aware of. Three episodes is more than enough to Launch. Further Information And Recommended Resources. If you would like further details on generating an income by hosting your own Podcast, CLICK HERE NOW for further details. There is now a brand new detailed how-to guide that explains everything you need to know from taking your Podcast from idea, to being listed on Apple Podcasts in the ‘New & Noteworthy’ section of the website, which is a curated list of new Podcasts that Apple promotes on the Apple Podcasts homepage. Conclusion Well there you have them TEN instant startup business ideas that you could start instantly no matter where you live in the world and no matter what your current financial or employment circumstances. My advice would be to simply pick your favorite one and go with that. Each idea is a proven winner and each of the additional resources listed come strongly recommended. Whichever ‘instant startup business idea’ you choose and whatever you decide to do, I wish you the very best. I know my life started to turn around the very moment I decided to begin breaking away from the regular 9-5 grind and I know the same will be true for you. Yes, it can appear daunting at first, however you are not alone. Should you have any questions or concerns please let me know by reaching out to me directly my personal contact details can be found below. Best wishes, Nick James What To Do Next… 4 5 Remember the BONUS IDEA I told you about right at the very beginning? Putting that idea into action FIRST may be the thing to do next. It will only take 2 minutes to get permission to re-brand this entire report and put the first idea into action…. And if there’s anything I’ve learnt recently it’s Money Loves Speed. So, if you would like to RE-BRAND this report to contain your affiliate links, instead of the affiliate named on the front page… (so you get paid that small sales commission instead) … Then CLICK HERE NOW to discover how. Once you have RE-BRANDED this report to contain your affiliate links you can share this Instant Startups special report with as many people as you like, via social media and email, knowing that you will be rewarded for every sale your rebranded report generates. That can be your first easy step to start making money from home. Just CLICK HERE NOW for full details of how-to get started today.  


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