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The development of cryptocurrency is maturing
From the situation starting this week, there is still a lot of information about cryptocurrencies, not only cryptocurrencies, but also block..
(2018-07-29 23:43)
The rise of the cryptocurrency economy
Cryptocurrency is a new industry, but it is gaining rapid success.It starts with Bitcoin and is based on blockchain technology. Although Bit..
(2018-07-27 23:55)
Looking at the cryptocurrency future from the attitude of all parties in US
Today's news said: "American Chinese Andrew Yang will receive donations from the cryptocurrency bitcoin Ethereum during the prepara..
(2018-07-27 01:57)
How to pay use cryptocurrency
More and more people are curious and questionable about one of the uses of cryptocurrency, namely for payment. In general, the prices of the..
(2018-07-24 22:55)
Move the cryptocurrency to the classroom
Around September 18, 2017, it was reported that five top universities in Russia will offer courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain. The blo..
(2018-07-22 23:15)
The current status of cryptocurrency in India
With the ban on cryptocurrencies implemented by the former Indian Finance Minister, the attitude of other countries in the world to cryptocu..
(2018-07-22 23:13)
The development of cryptocurrency will be more standardized
Shortly after the US third hearing on cryptocurrencies, the European Union released a report on cryptocurrency.Topic: "Cryptographic Cu..
(2018-07-21 00:03)
Important news for the US hearing on cryptocurrency
The development of cryptocurrency has always been a hot topic. The discussion of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency around the world h..
(2018-07-19 23:16)
Stable price makes the cryptocurrency disappear
The data shows that the price of Bitcoin today has risen to $7,308,(data from citicoins.Com) which is a big improvement over the previous do..
(2018-07-18 23:26)
Where will the cryptocurrency go?
I can't predict what the future of cryptocurrencies will be, but I can be sure that the development of cryptocurrencies will not be able..
(2018-07-18 03:09)
Neo is the most valuable cryptocurrency
The development of cryptocurrency is different in various countries and regions of the world, some countries encourage it, while s..
(2018-07-17 02:55)
Analysis of litecoin to btc chart in today
Yesterday's report said that Litecoin's price will rebound today, and may even break through $80. The data obtained from citicoins (..
(2018-07-11 23:16)