Why Your Child Should See An Orthodontist Before Age 7?

It has been seen that there is the misconception in the minds of the parents about the visit to the orthodontist for their child. They think that children below the age of 7 or until they become a teenager are not required to consult to the children Orthodontist. Not just this, it is evaluated by the by Pediatric Orthodontist that parents who visit them are of notion to visit them only if they get any problem, pain or dental malformation. Prior to such problem, they do not think that they should now go for consultation to the orthodontist. However seeing the problems in recent times related to teeth in children, the reality is that, the parents should keep on finding on Internet about “Children's Orthodontist near me” and get regular checkup with anorthodontist no matter what’s your age.

Early Checkup by kids Orthodontist is required For Early Detection.


If any pain or dental issue is causing any problem to your child’s teeth then it is good to get checkup from the orthodontist at the early stage so that it can be easily identify and cure by the kid’s orthodontist or TPA Orthodontic as per requirement.

The teeth are very important part of the body so you should give proper care to them and take proper precautions. This helps in not getting affected by any dental malformation.

By visiting to the orthodontist, you can get necessary and valuable advice from them that how to protect your child teeth from the dental malformation. With the help of these valuable advices the risk of the poor dental health of the teeth of your child can be avoided. In parallel to this, a proper dental hygiene can be maintained.

As per experienced Pediatric Orthodontist, below are some of the poor oral habits of the child due to which the alignment of the teeth of the child disturb these are:-

  1. Lip-biting or Fingernail biting: These both habit of lip biting and figure biting is not good for oral health as by doing this the proper alignment of the teeth gets disturbed. As a result the teeth grow with an improper alignment and you need TPA Braces. This is the duty of the parents to teach their child to not to do these things.
  2. Thumb sucking: Thumb sucking this is the common habit with all the babies. But if the thumb sucking is continued for long time then it may create the dental problem like the teeth lead to come crooked and bad shaped. Also baby may have problem while speaking and not able to speak up clearly. It is important to stop the thumb sucking of the babies as early as possible.
  3. Pacifiers: Some parents think that the pacifier is the good alternative for thumb sucking, but actually it is not. It works in the same way as the thumb sucking, and creates the same dental problems like the baby may have problem while speaking and not able to speak up clearly. To avoid the use of pacifier.

It is important to always keep a check on “good Pediatric Orthodontist near me” and get an early treatment which is beneficial for you and for your child dental health.


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