Switched Network Repairer

The Switched Network Repairer is responsible for installing, testing, maintaining, repairing phones. They also provide technical assistance regarding telecommunication equipment and switching equipment associated with processing and transmission.

The repairer will take care of the electromechanical, analog and digital trunking systems. They should look into the issues related to circuits and equipment. It is their responsibility to evaluate and examine the switching system and network associated equipment and software. The professional must handle telephone equipment, wiring, and associated hardware. They should resolve, replace and rectify the damaged telephones and other hardware.

The Switched Network Repairer will operate computerized testing systems and organize service tests on customer lines and equipment. They will determine the nature, cause, and location and will allocate the appropriate repair personnel. The professionals complete test reports and maintain test and service records. They assist repair personnel to test lines, circuits, and systems, isolate and clear cable faults.

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