Drug Rehab Hudson Valley

At Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery, we offer Hudson Valley drug rehab for men, women, and families in need of reputable substance abuse treatment. Residential treatment programs and PHP provide group counseling, addiction education, relapse prevention skills, recovery focused activities, 12 step meetings, holistic therapy, regular outings, health and fitness options, and activities and individual counseling. The methods used by the state-licensed staff for therapy include Cognitive and Dialectical therapy, as well as dual diagnosis treatment.

Each client will receive an individualized treatment program that is designed by him or her with the guidance of a cross-disciplinary staff that includes licensed counselors, psychiatrists, medical doctors, and professional therapists. This team is committed to ensuring that every client receives a positive and compassionate program for treatment. Each clients plan is regularly assessed and modified when more progress needs to be made or if a client has achieved their recovery goals sooner than predicted. Our focus is to make sure that drug and alcohol detox Hudson Valley are available to anyone in need of comfort during the withdrawal process.

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Not every person who needs treatment is able to attend a PHP residential treatment program and there is another highly successful treatment program that does not require the client to remain at the treatment center. This program is called IOP, which stands for Intensive Outpatient (recovery) Program. The IOP programs allow a person who cannot attend inpatient treatment due to work, family or school commitments to still receive professional drug and alcohol treatment. IOP programs ask that the client attend treatment for three hours a day three days a week. This format allows the person to still work, attend school and raise a family. Contact us at Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery for more information and help with finding the perfect addiction treatment program for yourself or a loved family member, spouse, or child.

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