Google Ad Words, PPC and Enhanced Site links

Website links, the links that appear in Google ads under the main link, have been part of PPC and Google Ad Words and are an important part of website development and SEO marketing. And although Google calls "extensive links to websites," this is not the case. Although they are accessible to all, they give a good idea of where links to the site will lead.

Since their introduction of PPC services, website links are a great way for advertisers to increase their presence with additional information and links to other sites. Site links can also highlight an ad by increasing its physical size to accommodate additional information.

Google estimates that the average CTR for ads with website links is about 30% higher than ads without websites. There is no doubt that they were a valuable addition to Google Ad Words campaigns because they allowed advertisers to present more products and services and to offer more choice to users. Properly configured, website links can be a valuable tool for any SEO marketing campaign.

Let the site links work for you

For site improvement, Google AdWords website links can be enabled in the Ad extensions tab of a campaign. It's possible to create up to ten site links, Google displaying up to six searches for a query on a computer or tablet and up to eight links for mobile devices.

Since Google automatically selects website links to display based on the most relevant information for a given search, knowing how to optimize site links can make all the difference between what they do and what they do nothing at all a website and search engine optimization. Anyone with a Google Adwords account can create one. For best results, work with an SEO marketing expert.

The latest version of the site links

With "advanced website links," Google automatically links text ads already included in your account as links to websites. For example, if you’re Google Adwords account has a term or phrase to search for in other ads, Google displays the page as the title of the site link, followed by two lines of ad text found in it.

If the user decides to click on one of your ad's site links instead of the main header, it costs the same price as clicking on the main URL. In essence, it allows users to click on five different landing pages with five different ads.

But there is a trap in all this. Currently, advanced site links can only appear in top-ranked ads in Google results. This is nevertheless an interesting concept. While it's still too early to know how useful Google Maps site links with ads are, advanced website links could be a model for the future.

In good hands, Google AdWords can be a powerful tool for developing the theme of a campaign, advertising specific products and services, targeting a specific market, increasing search engine ranking, and more.

Site links are just one of the Google Adword tools to consider when designing, developing, and optimizing search engines. is a PPC expert in Delhi. It provides professional and fully managed Google Ad Words services that help companies effectively reach their target markets and generate serious leads.


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