Health Benefits of Choosing a Plunge Pool

Owning your own pool can make you the envy of your friends and family! Providing the ideal place to relax during warm summer afternoons or offering an excellent water feature to look out on throughout the year, they can be the perfect addition to any property. However, when people are choosing a pool for health and exercise, they think there are only a select few styles that they can install – namely, lap pools and hydrotherapy spas. Luckily, you’ll be pleased to learn that plunge pools can be added to that list! Browse their health benefits below to find out if they are the best choice for your home.

•    Ideal for Exercise
Whilst your property may not have the space for a full lap pool, swimming isn’t the only exercise that can be done in the water. A plunge pool is the perfect place for underwater aerobics – allowing you to improve your flexibility, build endurance, improve heart and lung health, and burn calories. Consider adding waterproof arm or leg weights for an excellent low resistance workout that can help you build strength and lose weight.

•    Reduced Chance of Injury
As we get older, our bodies begin to lose their strength – which is what makes a plunge pool such a good place to spend time. Not only are they ideal for exercise, they provide a place to simply relax without stressing or over exerting the body. By surrounding yourself with water, you will take some of the pressure from your joints and remove tension from sore muscles.

•    Perfect for Rehabilitation
From the two points above, it’s clear that exercising in the water can be an excellent way for people of all abilities to exercise. However, it can be an even better tool for people undergoing long term rehabilitation. The feelings of weightlessness you experience underwater are ideal for gently supporting your body whilst you exercise.

•    Healing Powers
If you choose not to heat your plunge pool all year round, you’ll be happy to learn that you can take advantage of an ancient healing tool! For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been using cold water pools for their therapeutic effects. Plunging into a cool body of water after being in a warm shower or spa actually helps stimulate circulation.

•    Spend Time Outdoors
If you have a stunning pool at your fingertips, you may be more likely to spend time outdoors enjoying it! Spending time in the sunshine increases your body’s serotonin levels – the happy chemical – and exposes you to Vitamin D, which promotes a healthy heart and skin. However, be sure to apply sunscreen if you’re planning on staying outdoors for an extended period.

As you can see, plunge pools aren’t only a stunning water feature, nor are they just a place for children to splash around in during the summer months. They provide a wide range of health and wellbeing features which all homeowners can take advantage of – especially those looking for a space to undertake low-impact exercises that don’t exert the body. Invest today to work toward a healthier and happier you.

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