9 Best Places to Eat Out With the Whole Family

As a single working mom with three rowdy teenagers to see to, I have to think of several creative ways to keep them from fighting with each other. Initially, as they were growing up, I used to take them out to different neighborhood parks. I had hoped then that these avenues would serve to release all of their pent-up energy in a healthy way. My what channel is Fox on Charter web search on the subject informed me as such. But things didn’t transpire in the way that I imagined they would, and instead of becoming tired, my children became even more energetic.

And so I took a leaf out of my mother’s book on parenting and took my crazed offspring out to eat. To know the names of the eateries that were worth going to, I conducted a quick Google search. I also consulted some of my Facebook friends for this purpose. And the restaurants that I’ve listed here are largely those that I came to know of through this latter route.

My Top Nine to Eat Out In…

So without any further ado, here are the top 9 eateries that I would want you to visit today. And especially if you’re in the mood for devouring some quality comfort food. And immersing yourself into the ambiance that you know you deserve after a hard week at work.

Legal Sea Foods

If you and your little ones like their seafood, then you probably can’t do much better than Legal Sea Foods. This award-winning culinary chain of excellent sue chefs, nutritionists – and sidelong Harvard quality-assurance checkers – boasts 32 outlets spread in nine U.S states.

For kids, their Steamed One Pound Lobster and Drawn Sweet Butter, Fried Popcorn Shrimp, Fresh Cod Fish Sticksand Chicken Fingers are must tries! I found the lobster entrees so good that my youngest had to physically snatch her platter away.

Mimi’s Café

It seems as if the management at Mimi’s is particularly aware of the needs of young children and their frantic guardians alike! Because all of the restaurant’s 132 outlets (located in 22 states) have changing tables, bibs and hand wipes to cater to all ‘emergencies’.

And the menu is simply too delectable to describe fully. My kids particularly enjoyed their Turkey and Spaghetti dinner entrée. This surprised me a little bit because I had always considered all turkey dishes to be grown-up fare.

Chili’s Grill & Bar

Chili’s boasts one of the largest restaurant networks within the country – with 1439 outlets in over 50 states. And their generous grilled chicken, pizza and pasta dishes are simply to die for. The average cost of the standard menu items is pretty decent too; averaging at just $21.99 for the typical two-course meal.

Chili’s is a particularly good option for when you’re not in the mood for being held up in long reservation queues. Also, their charitable initiatives come highly rated.

Sweet Tomatoes (a.k.a Souplantation)

Sweet Tomatoes basically specializes in buffet-style eating. Their large assortment of dishes, ranging from huge varieties of pasta, soup, salads, pizzas, and even frozen yogurt, is guaranteed to be a hit with the entire family. The buffet cost, at just $11 for adults and $6 for kids, means that you can spread your wings around more – in the culinary sense.

Uno Chicago Grill

If your crowd is really into binging on some (or a lot of) pizzas, then you need to check our Uno Chicago Grill. With 200 outlets located in 29 states, the chain offers a lot of variety when it comes to baking your very own customized pizzas. And to top of the excitement of every meal, the restaurant staff also offers a number of healthy goodies like free apples and oranges on the side.

P.F Chang’s

In the U.S, P.F Chang’s is widely considered to be a national institution; it is in charge of serving delicious Anglo-American food to fussy eaters. Their menu doesn’t feature an exclusive kids section, because the staff considers their entrees to be ‘all age groups friendly’. Some must-try dishes include P.F Chang’s famed Orange Chicken, Crab Wontons, Spaghetti Gravy and Chicken Fingers

Claim Jumper

Of all the restaurants that I visited, I found Claim Jumper to be the most kid-friendly. Their menu’s most striking feature is that it contains different sections for teens, preteens, and toddlers. And based on their expert chefs’ understandings of what kinds of foods appeal to which age-groups, you’re bound to have an experience bound for the history books. Every time.

The Old Spaghetti Factory

This restaurant is primarily in the business of selling all kinds of pasta entrees to their customers. All the chain’s outlets have adjunct salad bars, that serve to heighten the kids’ excitement a hundredfold.

Red Robin

I got this recommendation from an Uverse customer service number rep – and I’m glad I took the initiative. Because Red Robin’s Grilled Chicken entrees are simply mouthwatering.

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