Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

Perhaps nothing is more devastating than the knowledge that one’s spouse is unfaithful in a committed married life. Hard as it may seem to believe there is nothing better than confrontation of the offending partner and grab the bull by the horns.

However before making any blatant accusations it is critical that there is hardcore evidence against the straying spouse, but how can you become able to discover and understand the signs of cheating in a relationship?

But how do you know for sure that your partner might be cheating on you? Loveawake dating expert called Alex Wise provided these 4 signs and see if your partner is manifesting any of them and then you will have some evidence.

1. Strange phone behavior: One of the earliest suspicious signs is the way the cheating spouse behaves with his or her phone conversations. Talking in hushed tones or moving out of earshot are telltale signs of conversation with a stranger.

2. New and strange body odors: It is not too uncommon to leave the house wearing a specific cologne or perfume and returning with the smell of a cologne or perfume of the opposite sex. Suspicions should also be alerted when the spouse returns home smelling like he or she has just had a shower.

3. Suspicious internet and computer behavior: Is your browsing history being deleted frequently? Is your spouse spending unusually long hours in front of the computer and at odd hours? This is another sign that you cannot neglect.

4. Strange hours: Is your spouse working unusually longer hours than before? Is your spouse spending odd times of the day out of home? Chances are that he or she might be catching up with his or her mate on the sly.

The whole issue of a cheating spouse is akin to a cat and mouse game with one partner trying to outsmart the other, especially the one who is cheating. There are far more signs that the ones outlined above but these 4 signs should set the alarm belles tinkling and warrant further investigations.

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