What are the Pros and Cons of Servo Voltage Stabilizers?

Servo-based Voltage Stabilizers have proved to be a very reliable and cost-efficient voltage stabilization solution for most of the Electronic applications. Its servo motor to enable the voltage correction with high output voltage accuracy ±1 % and accommodate an input voltage swing in excess up to ± 50 %.

Meanwhile, Servo voltage stabilizers are popular for low high rating appliances used in homes, offices, and industries. It can provide correct voltage rate to protect all the Electronic equipment. It comes in different models such as single-phase, three-phase Oil cooled and Air cooled balanced unit type or three-phase unbalanced voltage stabilizer.

Servo voltage stabilizers comprise a transformer having its secondary winding connected between the mains supply and the load. In this technology, the primary voltage is automatically controlled through a motor driven variable transformer that ensures a stable output voltage.

With Servo, high Voltage is normally limited by the inclusion of 'Spike Clippers' and these clippers limit transients to twice the peak of the voltage supply. Hence, you must know that how it reduce spikes to totally harmless levels. Because sometimes you also need to know about your supplier fits additional Spike Attenuation protection from the electric fluctuation.

Although, Servo electric stabilizers contains some moving parts also.  Now, most demanding power conditions have proved the design to be a very reliable method of delivering voltage regulation. So it’s low-level of ongoing maintenance is deliverable by universally readily available skill sets of the prominent servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in Delhi.

Before we talk about the pros and cons of a servo based voltage stabilizer, it is also mandatory to know about the best servo voltage manufacturer in India. If we look at the voltage stabilizers market, we can find many manufacturers but only a prominent servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer like Servostar can ensure you best and suitable results otherwise you may have to face difficulties with your electronic appliances even after installing a voltage stabilizer.

With long-life expectancy, Servo star team makes servo electro-mechanical stabilizers economical which provide great solutions for almost all applications in industry, aerospace, computing, mining, and telecommunications industries. Servo-based electric Voltage stabilizers are normally recommended design solution for most of the applications. Its pros and cons can be seen as follows:

Servo Based Voltage stabilizer Advantages:

•          Not Frequency dependent

•          Size and weight advantages over other methods of stabilization

•          Will attenuate voltage spikes if required

•          Very competitively priced

•          Fast speed of response to voltage changes - ideal for most applications

•          Negligible output waveform distortion

•          Low cost of ownership with ease of serviceability

•          Endurable, with long life expectancy

•          Unaffected by load or power factor changes

Servo Based Voltage stabilizer Disadvantages:

•          It requires timely maintenance

•          Speed of response compared to other designs is less

Meanwhile, if you are looking for installing the best quality servo voltage stabilizer with your Factory, Home or Office electric machinery or equipment, let’s get in touch with one of the prominent servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers in India.   

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