Easy way to get a 79 in PTE Academic

I know many people who have taken IELTS or PTE dozens of times but have still not achieved their desired score. These people make a number of mistakes. Let us first look at those mistakes and then I will tell you how you can get 79 easily.


The number 1 problem with these people is they are always in a rush. They think they can go from 40 to 79 in just a week. They don’t want to take a few days off from work, instead keep paying money on PTE exam fees again and again. This kind of shortsightedness does not help anyone.


The other issue with these people is they do not want to learn the core English skills. Everyone is looking for a shortcut and these people think they can quickly somehow take the shortcut and meet the visa requirements for their Australian dream. In doing this they are only fooling themselves.


So, first of all if you want a high score in PTE Academic, stop doing all these things.


Now, here is my golden advice for getting a score of 79 or higher in PTE.


Make a time table.


·       pte

·       pte repeated questions bank

·      pte practice questions


Without a time table you will not know how much time you are putting in and what you are getting out of that. This is not what you want. Carefully divide your time between all the things you need to study and then stick to the allocated time. You can spend more time over the weekend than the weekday or on the days when you are more free than not.


Get a trusted real repeated questions bank


You have to practice any way. So why not practice with a real repeated questions bank. The best questions bank for this purpose can be found on Super PTE. Their question bank is updated weekly with new PTE Academic questions.


Give some mock tests


It is important to see where you really stand with the help of mock tests. Most reliable mock tests are available on Super PTE and they are also free of cost. When you give these mock tests set aside 5 hours of your time. About 3 hours go into the test and the other 2 hours go into reviewing your results and comparing with the high score sample responses.


Learn templates


You should memorize some templates that you can use for essays or images. The templates will not always get you a top score but they can get you a medium range score easily. Try to have more than 1 template for each case.


Get some tips and tricks


You must learn some good tips and tricks as they can easily help to boost your score. PTE is an automated test and therefore if you know some tips you can work better with the computer. I wouldn’t say that you can beat the computer but you can work with it and that is a great thing in itself.


This might look like a multistep process but trust me it can’t be easier than this. Stop looking for impossible shortcuts and instead put some good hard work to make your dreams come true.

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