Egg-fried Oats are perfect to start Your Day with a Great Taste and Many Health Benefits

Whenever an individual comes up with the decision, to start with a healthy diet plan, nutritionists or dieticians, gym trainers and other health experts often recommend having oats. Reason for this is that oats are of whole grains and form an essential part of one’s healthy diet, while simultaneously, it provides us fiber in higher amounts.

Major Nutrients Present in Oats at a Glance

If you cook about one-half cup of oats in any form, you will expect to get major nutrients-

·        3grams of protein

·        2grams of dietary fiber

·        2percent of calcium, as recommendable by doctors

·        6percent of iron, along with only 1.5grams fat content

Benefits to Have Oats

Having oats recipes give tons of benefits along with faster weight loss. These include reducing your risk related to cardiac problems and colorectal cancer. In addition, oats are helpful to avoid hypertension and to improve your digestion.

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Hesitation to Have Oats

Based on aforementioned aspects about oats or oatmeal, it gives plenty of benefits to us. However, not all of us are able to have oats on a regular basis because of our food-loving nature. Thus, with the aim to give health benefits from oats and to meet the requirement of food lovers, chefs involved in supplying tasty healthy recipes have come up with delicious egg fried oats. The best thing about the recipe is that it only lets you to avail nutritional benefits present in oats, but also lots of protein from eggs and plenty of vitamins from green veggies.

Quick Overview on Egg-fried Oats

Egg-fried oats is one of the tasty recipes consisting of egg burji prepared by using 2 to 3 eggs (without yolk), a few of the green veggies of your own choice and boiled oats. Now, in case you are using plain oats, you have to add spices, while in case of Masala Oats, you may skip the step. Furthermore, you only have to fry for a while and to wind up you have to add a few sauces, like tomato sauce, chili sauce and Schezwan Sauce. What would be better than getting a huge amount of protein and other essential nutrients in a single tasty dish?

To conclude, we should say that fried egg oats or egg-fried oats is one of the healthy recipes to have in your breakfast to start your day with a great taste combined with essential nutrients.

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