Is adrenaline your choice of drug?? Bored of the conventional methods of fun? Well, then Aero sports might be your higher calling!!! 

Let me acquaint you with aero sports. Aero sports activities are considered one of the most exciting and thrilling adventure sports which have gained immense popularity in India. Aero sport has an infectious appeal for those who want to rise above the ordinary level. Air sports are the best adventure sport which should try to experience the thrill in the air and breathtaking views of the countryside.

These are the activities for those who crave the rush of adrenaline and want to experience the thrill in the air. As of now, Aero sports is still in its infancy stage in India. Still, India has some excellent locations for all types of flying sports such as paragliding, hang gliding and ballooning. Aerobatics and Gliding also come under the radar of aero sports but they are not as popular compared to other flying recreational activities in India.

Paragliding is one of the popular aero sports in India. You will feel like a bird soaring high up in the sky. One form of paragliding is Powered paragliding, also known as Para-motoring. It involves flying of lightweight aircraft in which the pilot wears a motor on the back which provides the required lift to take off using a paraglider without any assistance.

The intense feeling you experience while flying over beautiful locations cannot be put into words. You need to live it to know it. The Multi-theme park in Murthal, Sonipat-Mojoland is one of the few places in Delhi NCR that offers you this experience. Apart from its aero sports park, Mojoland also hosts an amusement park, an adventure park, and a water park. It is one of the top attractions in the Delhi NCR region. Fly high for 6 to 8 km, while enjoying the enticing view of surroundings.



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