A Savoury of Mughal Cuisine

Mughal cuisine is supposed to develop by the fusion of Central Asian and Indian Dishes. It is a blend of cooking style and recipes of Central Asian countries like Afghanistan, Samarkand etc. and the northern regions of India. It taste is spicy with a distinctive aroma. In 1526 Babur invaded India and fought with Ibrahim Lodi at Panipat. Later on, he settled in Agra and made it a safe capital. After the death of Humayun (son of Babur), Akbar ascended the throne of Mughal India. Akbar ruled so many years in India and he was the most successful emperor. He was not well educated but he had a great sense of inquisitiveness and approach towards the Art, Culture, and Music etc. If you do same day Agra tour by car or by train you avail the chance to visit the Mughal kitchens inside the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri sightseeing tour. Akbar being a great aesthetic had nine jewels in his Imperial court who were the masters of their respective fields like the great musician Tansen was the specialist of music during Akbar’s period the great chef Mulla Do Pyaza was the in-charge of the Royal Mughal kitchen. Akbar being a great connoisseur promoted Mulla to figure out various rich dishes in the Mughal period. When Akbar came to Agra and used to live in Agra fort The cuisine in the Mughal kitchen were mostly the same which you can try in a good local Agra restaurant during your one day Agra tour where you can find the delicacies of Haleem, Biryani, Mughal Parantha, Murg Musallam, Keema Matar , Halwa etc. The Shahi Paneer – Mutton Do Pyaza is even popular today in the menus of Indian Hotels and restaurant. The white gravy dishes are attributed to the Mughal kitchen through the red tomato gravy is also in use . The Minister of Mughal Kitchen Mulla Do Pyaza made the fusion of Central Asian dishes with the Indian ingredients, dry fruits, and spices. In the Mughal period, the kitchen was also like the same as we have today with a few exceptions. They had Tandoor (earthen hearth) which was in use at that time in Afghanistan and Pakistan but they were bigger than the tandoor we use today. Tandooriya (the man who operates tandoor) used to sit on the side of Tandoor but at present, they can stand and do their work.

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