An Accidental Invention: Cardboard boxes

An Accidental Invention:

It would be really fascinating to know that the cardboard we use today was created accidentally in the early 1800s. Robert Gair was a Scottish immigrant who ran a factory. One of his operators accidentally cut down the seed bags, instead of creasing, in Gair's Brooklyn paper-bag and printing company. This led to the creation of folding cardboard boxes. Gair thought that these paper bags should not be wasted rather we should use them in some way. He created a folding template of a box out of these ruined bags. Gair realized that this method can improve the efficiency of the process and reduce the cost by cutting, printing and creasing the boxes from a piece of cardboard. Gair's early market customers were the Kellogg Company, Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Lorillard TobaccoCompany and Nabisco Biscuits. He started selling his creation to these companies to package their food items. This was the start of a new empire.

The 1800s – The Invention of Cardboard:

Thus we can say that the first cardboard box or a paperboard box was created in 1817 in England by Robert Gair. English played with the invention of Chinese and achieved excellence in the packaging sector. These cardboard boxes started becoming common when Kellogg's Company started packaging its cereal in them. The work continued for many years. Robert Gair created an efficient cardboard box in 1879 on a commercial level. In the 1890s, corrugated packaging was also invented. Flat pieces started to manufacture in bulk and then folded to make a box. The die-cut and scored boxes can be stored flat for later use. Various refinements were made in the cardboard packaging and it gave rise to the custom cardboard boxes which we use today.

How Cardboard Box Evolved?

Once the cardboard packaging was created, it was started using to pack a number of products. Corrugated cardboard was used for shipping purpose. As the corrugated cardboard box was formed in the 1890s, its existence solved many issues regarding the shipping and handling of items. Before the invention of cardboard, wooden crates were used to move the things. They were heavy, expensive and difficult to make on large scale. By 1900s, wooden crates were replaced by cardboard boxes in most of the sectors. Then the English people thought towards technological advancement. It took a period of three years to make a first commercial machine to produce a large quantity of corrugated board in less time. It was a huge invention which reduced the amount of labor. It's such an invention which will be always appreciated. 

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