How to solve quicken ol-301-a?

Quicken is your personal finance guide and one of the handiest finance tools. But in some cases, it fails to download or update transaction. There is no particular reason behind this failure, but there are few possibilities because of which Quicken can show you the failure status while updating your transactions. Here are few common tiny things that can help you overcome the transaction failure error( quicken ol-301-a)while using Quicken.

These errors may be caused by one of the following: A problem at your bank (sometimes referred to as your financial institution or FI). They may have made changes to their service offerings, Web Connect or Direct Connect. They may have made changes to their name (bank merger) that require you to refresh it in QuickBooks. You may have an Inactive Bank Account enabled for Online Banking in QuickBooks. Their servers may be down. A problem with your Internet connection. A problem with one or more accounts in your company file. A problem with the download or import format. A discontinued version of Windows or QuickBooks Desktop.

Quicken Error OL-301-a occur while updating your financial institution or bank with Direct connect service. It a common issue with Quicken 2016, 2017 & 2018. 

In this article, we’ll discuss Qui

When user trying to connect Online banking services to their financial service provider using the Direct connect tool than receiving error message OL-301. Although Quicken provides some solutions of Quicken Error Ol-301 and Ol-301A but user have to check out banking websites to get the solutions of OL-301 because each & every financial provider different way of account validation and transaction download process

A user who upgraded from quicken 2015 edition needs to perform some profile & branding setting changes or refresh.To perform this its mandatory user have to clear all Temporary Internet Files, follow the process below to perform this.

  1. User have to locate Online Center via navigating through Tools menu section
  2. Choose the correct  financial institution after clicking the dropdown financial institution arrow button.
  3. Select Contact Info after Pressing CTRL+Shift button  .
  4.  Navigate through dropdown list to choose the correct account related to a bank or financial institution.
  5. Click to Refresh after selecting correct Financial Institution Branding and Profile from the list .
  6. When you click on Send/ Update button you will redirected to Online make sure you are connected with Internet
  7. Now start new online session to download transaction .

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