How Custom Hair Extension Boxes Increased My Sales 200% In 2018

Are you a cosmetics brand offering high-quality hair extension products to your customers? As big of a challenge it is to boost your sales to a point that they get doubled within a year, it is very achievable. You will find my story to be quite compelling and motivational once you get to know the techniques that I made use of.

I used high-quality Custom Hair Extension Boxes to boost my sales more than 200% in 2018. My company always produced top-notch hair extensions but was missing that cutting edge when it comes to collective sales.

Changing my Hair Extension Packaging to a new more modern style helped me achieve wonders with sales. My Hair Extension Packaging Wholesale was not only available cheaply but also helped boost sales with attractive designs. This thing that happened to my sales when Hair Extension Boxes got changed was absolutely phenomenal. I was finally able to make major profits and push in towards new goals. Here’s how packaging boxes for my hair extension products helped me achieve wonders:

My Previous Hair Extension Packaging Was Boring

To understand how I made my business so much better in only a year, I’ll first walk you through to what I now know was the problem. I was almost satisfied with the somewhat protective and bland looking Hair Extension Packaging that I was using. That old packaging did the job of packing my hair extensions in a box. Then they were left on retail shelves for ages to sell with no results. Now that I have improved my sales so much with new packaging, I can look back and see that my old packaging was:

  • Not making my hair extensions visible from with it

  • Too plain and bland with not much going on in terms of fancy custom designs

  • Too thick and heavy without offering much protection at all

Overall, not looked at more than once from customers due to lackluster designs

All these major factors were caused by the wrong choice of materials that were, in turn, a result of my low knowledge into the matter. My old boxes looked pretty strong but went flat only after a few weeks of usage with hair extensions still inside them. They did not have much design to show off to customers hence not attracting any attention from shelves at all. Moreover, they were too expensive cutting dearly from my profit margins.

I Found Much Affordable Hair Extension Packaging Wholesale Offers

At the start of 2018, with a stroke of luck or with my own good research behind it, I was able to find my new packaging suppliers. These guys allowed me to work with them and design new Custom Hair Extension Boxes from scratch. I was offered much better wholesale prices with attractive deals as well that made this new packaging good value for money. Some of the deals that I got offered with wholesale packaging purchase from my new suppliers were:

  • Free shipping to my doorstep on bulk orders

  • Free design support helping me get the most suitable boxes

  • No additional charges to pay for the printing plates or cutting die equipment on bulk orders

  • High-quality printing with full of contrast fresh colors

  • Best material quality with sturdy yet flexible protective boxes

  • Top quality customization options creating truly attractive designs

  • Precise die cut boxes at cheaper wholesale prices

All these options played in so much better in me able to create some really adorable Hair Extension Packaging Wholesale for my products. I was able to create half clear and half covered boxes that showed my hair extensions through them. Printing quality that I got was truly amazing and beautiful. Box shapes and sizes also got improved with attractive surface finish options. Overall, my hair extension packaging improved to such heights that I simply didn’t know were possible at all.

Power in High-Quality Attractive Packaging

With these new beautiful packaging, I was able to create attractive retail-ready Hair Extension boxes containing my products. It may not be a fair comparison, but my hair extensions sold like hot cakes. The overall impact that new packaging had on my sales figures was not only surprising but also refreshing at the same time. I found out how powerful attractive packaging could be in a retail business as I was practically using the very same hair extensions inside. I upgraded all my lines of hair extension with new packaging and got a no less than 200% rise in sales over a period of 1 year.

My New Packaging Is Much More Durable and Protective

Hair extension might not be too fragile like some of those glass products, it still needs quality protection from its packaging. Where my old packaging just went flat with a few weeks of use, these new Hair Extension Boxes allowed me to stack them on retail shelves. I was able to fit a lot more boxes of hair extensions on retail shelves where they got sold quite frequently. This durable protectiveness also played in my business’ favor enabling me to always keep retail shelves filled with hair extension.

Custom Packaging Designs are Much More Beneficial That You’d Think

I must admit, I was a bit shocked to see the astronomical rise in my sales figures starting from early 2018. With no other factors changing much at all, I have to put this down to the new Custom Hair Extension Boxes that I started using. Reprieving my business when it was really down under, packaging boxes and their designs held much beneath the surface than I could ever imagine. Attractive packaging designs certainly pack a solid punch enabling my cosmetic business to observe no less than 200% sales rise for hair extensions. This was achieved by attracting customer attention. High-quality printing including metallic finishes and other fancy options like raised ink printing along with superb box designs played a major role.

My Plans for 2019 and After

With this new success for the year 2018, I plan to follow the same trend in 2019 and years to follow. This will be achieved with continued upgrades and revisions in my Hair Extension Packaging. New designs will be incorporated for new lines of products and the older ones will be given a refreshing look. I plan to raise this 200% rise in my sales to figures above and beyond my own imagination in the near future.

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