Digital Marketing for your Business- A must have?

It is a well-established fact that every business today requires efficient digital marketing to promote itself. Strangely, digital marketing was not celebrated a decade ago as it is nowadays. With time, so many advances in digital marketing are prompting the business growth, and promoting them to go a notch higher in order to achieve unforeseen positive results.

However, before all this begins to work, there are a few points that need consideration. Gaining clients is easier and it can be achieved through various platforms, but client optimization is an altogether a different ball game. In the era of digital marketing, client attainment and client optimization must work together to ensure a fruitful outcome for your business.

How to work towards client attainment for your business?

It is not surprising that most of the client attainment is achieved through digital media today. Much of the clients are targeted through social media sites. Then, email marketing comes next which in itself is very rewarding for your business because the end user always pays more heed to what he/she receives in his/her personal email address.

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Another forum for promoting your business is mobile marketing. This process is much easier to carry out and gives good results as well. Another way to attract traffic is to advertise your business. This includes putting up posters and billboards anywhere and wherever offering your services.

Also, it is important to make your business taglines search engine friendly so they can pass the criteria of search marketing. This way, you will end up acquiring many customers for your site which are generally searching for the same services that you have to offer.



How to achieve Client Optimization?

It is easier to get client acquisition but it is far more tricky and difficult to achieve client optimization. Client optimization involves all the processes that you need to carry out in order to keep your clients interested and motivated. If you are not smart enough, you may also loose clients.

Many factors come into play when deciding client optimization. You don’t only want to make customers, but you also want to keep them. One of the very important things to do is to make sure that you offer a user friendly design and environment. A/B testing is also very important so that you arrive at a universal conclusion about a specific version of your site. Also, you need to track your performance in order to make a difference.

Another important factor to consider in assessing the client optimization is the very famous analytics. Without analysis on a daily or a weekly basis, you cannot come to a definitive conclusion about your success. Also, net promoter score comes in handy when you're evaluating client optimization.

A very crucial yet underestimated wing of customer optimization is indeed customer satisfaction. In the world of digital marketing, customer satisfaction should be a top priority. If a customer has a complaint, it should be dealt with as courteously as possible. This only works in your benefit.

Think of client optimization as a bird with multiple wings, the wings being the factors mentioned above. Each and every wing is important for a smooth flight. If one wing fails, the others simply cannot compensate.

Now comes a bigger question.

What is client conversion and how is it achieved?

Client conversion is basically the number of clients that availed your services out of all the clients who visited your page and viewed your services. These services could include purchases, sign-ups for emails or tutorials and much more. At the end of the day, you want to achieve maximum client conversion to grow your business manifold and that is where digital marketing works.


Some technical facts to motivate you

-        Client Acquisition

·       Client acquisition is dependent on email marketing 51 percent of the time.

·       Content marketing contributes 38 percent to client acquisition.

·       Social media gives a good 11 percent of its share to client acquisition.

·       SEO based content contributes a good 38 percent to client acquisition.

·       29 percent of the time, the credit is due to paid marketing/online ads.

·       Only 1 percent is attributed to mobile marketing.


-        Client Optimization

·       A whopping 60 percent of client optimization is attributed to A/B testing.

·       50 percent of the client optimization credit goes to multivariate testing.

·       A good 55 percent of client optimization is dependent on usabllity testing.

·       Customer journey analysis contributes a 52 percent to client optimization.

·       Segmentation gives a 51 percent towards client optimization.

·       48 percent of client optimization is achieved through cart abandonment analysis.

Hence, it is clear that all these statistics are impossible to obtain were it not for the digital marketing today. It has totally changed the way companies view their businesses.

Budgeting and Expenditure on Digital Marketing

As far as the client acquisition is concerned, there is a lot of spending that needs to done. It is an important driving force towards gaining clients and hence keeping them aboard. Below is a rough breakdown of the factors that require expenditure on digital marketing in order to gain clients:

·       Digital advertising 12.5 percent

·       Email marketing 12.5 percent

·       Social media 9.4 percent

·       Mobile marketing 7.4 percent

·       Search marketing 10.7 percent

On the other hand, the design as well as the development of the website along with its maintenance will cost around 10.7 percent of the total budget required in the name of digital marketing.

Because digital marketing requires spending, it also has to be efficient enough to drive customers to your doors. That's where client conversion comes to rescue. Client conversion rates give a perfect idea of the success of your business, and therefore help you to improve in areas of lacking.

According to an article published in the Huffington post in 2014 by Roger Bryan, there are 5 very important factors which boost your business through the gateway of digital marketing.

1-    Goal orientation: It is very important to set short term goals in order to avoid big disappointments.

2-    Creating a merchandizing funnel: This is a specific and specialized channel through which a client goes through on your site and meanwhile you offer them various schemes to attract them.

3-    Building a CTA strategy: A call-to-action strategy is very important for your business to flourish. This includes offering subscriptions, newsletters, webinarsand much more to gain their attention. This undoubtedly creates greater conversion rates.

4-    Make an efficient lead magnet: This involves offering something more with the CTA or the merchandizing funnel. In order for your customer to go through the processes smoothly, you can give them an incentive of a free download relating to a product that they're already looking for.

5-    Drive more traffic to your site: You can do this by ensuring that your website content is authentic and unique. Not only this, but the websites should be optimized according to the search engine so that it is easier for clients to find your website while they're searching for relevant keywords.





Although Digital Marketing takes effort and creativity, it is undoubtedly the most efficient way to boost your business in the world today. It is best to imagine the conservative ways of business promotion as old petrol, while the new and improved methods which include digital marketing are considered as hi-octane.                         





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