What Are The Most Popular Colors And Materials For Soap Packaging?

     No matter if you are at the mall to buy purposely buy soap or you are just passing by buying an organic soap and the amazing aroma catches your attention and you make a pit stop. There is a high tendency of you walking out of that door with a couple of soaps and other organic products.

The organic soap culture has grown in the last couple of years and it still continues to grow and this doesn’t surprise me. There is a wide variety of soaps and to complement the wide variety of soaps there are amazing printed soapboxes.

Whether you are running a small organic soap business or a commercial based soap business, either way, you will need a lot of soap boxes. These foamy little aromatic creations have the most colorful yet decent boxes. If there are a wide variety of soaps to choose from, for sure there will be a wide variety of boxes to pick from. A lot of running businesses stick with customized soapboxes for their shipments, these boxes are perfect for home-based businesses. As home-based businesses are just mildly profitable, it’s best to save money when it comes to soap packaging. This is one of the most essential things if you are going to be running a soap business. Soaps need to be packaged properly with materials that will keep the soap safe and then they need to be boxed properly.

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A lot of different types of boxes are available for soapboxes, depending on the type of soap you are buying, the place you are buying from. If you are getting your hands on an amazing gift box, the box may have 2-3 beautifully packaged soaps followed by some other good stuff. Gift boxes are beautifully decorated with shimmery soap packaging, ribbon, and lace.

Let us not forget the seasonal packaging, right before Christmas bells you will start to see Christmas themed soap packaging and red colorful customized soapboxes.

Buying stacks of cheap boxes.

     No matter if you are running a commercial business or a home based business, either way, you will need a lot of boxes, a lot of customized soap packaging. The best way to save a little bit of cash is by buying wholesale soap boxes, these boxes are just purchased in stacks this is why they are cheap, and they’re still amazing soapboxes.

There are a lot of perks of buying wholesale soapboxes, and one of the perks is customized soapboxes. As mostly all wholesale products are made as per order it’s not that big of a deal to customize as per your needs. If you are customizing boxes as per your customers' needs, it’s pretty promising and they will become your regular customers.

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Materials used for soap packaging.

     This totally depends on what type of soaps you are buying, and where you are buying them from. A lot of home business sticks to plain simple customized packaging but on the other hand, posh brands stick to shiny shimmery elegant packaging. Both of these are equally amazing but the shimmery ones are a little eye-catching.


The most common form of material is cardboard. This material is highly recyclable and easily available. Let us not forget, both house based business and posh businesses use them. Cardboard boxes can be printed easily; you may print logos, business information or prints and patterns to be fun and classy.

When we think about cardboard we mostly think about brown-khaki colored boring boxes, but that is not the case. You can customize cardboard soapboxes up to your imagination; you can almost do anything and everything with these amazing boxes.


This is clearly not the best option on the market but a lot of brands use it, it’s not safe for the environment. Using plastic packaging has its own perks, plastic can be easily shaped and it is very durable compared to cardboard. If you are sending soaps away to another country or like shipping them, plastic soap boxes are perfect for you. The packaging will protect them from denting and bumping and serve the purpose of packaging.

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0ne of the most common type of plastic soap boxes are glitter plastic soap boxes. These are totally perfect for gifts, the glitter and glam shine bright and overall they have one purpose which is to keep the soap safe.

Having an amazing soap packaging makes the experience ten times better; you get a little too excited if the packaging of the soap is shimmery and eye-catching.

Colored soap boxes

     Well, there are no hard and fast rules for colored soapboxes. You can color the boxes up to what you like; you can decide this with the theme of your brand too. Most of the time brands and businesses have a specific theme they follow when it comes to the boxes; the theme is synchronized with the logo, which makes it a hundred times better.

Colored boxes fall into place when the holiday season is up. This is mostly marketing based but this has become an internet sensation in the past few years and it continues to grow.

From Christmas to Halloween, and every other festival in between there can be customized soapboxes. A lot of different color related customizations can be done depending on the theme. You can always get all fancy and make your soap boxes colorful and decent; most of all these ideas are for the sole purpose of marketing.

As pretty customized soap boxes have become an internet sensation, it’s always a great idea to keep up with the internet trends and if you are a running business this is something you shall consider; who know your eye-catching packaging may become an internet sensation someday. Stay unique and keep packaging!

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