Slots online - some proven to work strategies

Online slot game strategy – how to enhance your chances to win.


Every player in an online casino or an ordinary gambling house wants to feel confident in the game. It is for this reason that a certain strategy of playing slot machines is invented, individual tactics are developed. True, not even the most sophisticated system will say that it is capable of providing a hundred percent gain - this is the whole hitch. Although people still really want to try to catch the blue bird and sit it in a golden cage: I want to know how to play, when to make the maximum bets, and when to “save” money for a more successful “move”.


Since you have become a reader of this article, it means that you are also interested in online slots strategy. Or, perhaps, you are in search of some particularly “tasty recipe”, a unique strategy, which is surely a win-win in all respects, which will make you the king of the world of slot games.


In such a situation, every newcomer, and in principle, I would like to note a fact that is reliable and proven by time: the strategy of playing slot machines, which would give you one hundred percent guaranteed result of winning, does not exist. Yes, some tricks of the game, the ability to control yourself, not to play constantly at high rates and move away from the machine that eats your money long and hard, without giving a penny to the gain, can significantly increase your chances of winning. But! If someone somewhere will once offer you (often not for free) a system of playing slot machines that will help you to hit the jackpot for the jackpot or constantly win large sums in a particular machine, remember - this is pure scam. ". No one will ever sell to the masses a way that can make population rich“ for nothing”.


In themselves, the gaming machines in visual perception seem bright, noisy and quite funny games. The player makes small bets, which most often consist of a few cents (utter nonsense) or a few dollars. The very process of the game delays: the drums are spinning, and it seems that the coveted combination is about to fall out. Bet by bet ... And now the player has already given the machine a substantial enough amount, which would be enough for a lot of poker and blackjack. The essence of the slot machines is that you do not immediately feel that you are playing with decent money. After all, it’s not for nothing that the automata were called “one-armed bandits” (there is even a slot with the same name).


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The principle of operation of any gaming machine is that its settings allow you to accurately set the percentage of profit that will ensure the payback of the casino. This percentage is not particularly large: often it is only 2-5%, by law it can reach 25%, but the casino, however strange it may be, is not profitable to make such machines. Most often, more than 90% of the profits from the machine will certainly return to the players in the form of winning amounts: sometimes penny, and sometimes quite large. If you, for example, for a very long time continuously played on one game slot and invested about 1000 cu in it, then sooner or later you would receive the relying 900 cu, or even 950 cu - The remaining 50-100 dollars would have earned at this casino. The first thing that catches your eye is that you lose even when you win. But a large number of people play with one machine gun, so no one can say with confidence that a person who invested 1000 in a machine gun will return almost the entire amount back - it is quite possible (and this happens most often) that your 950 cu “Go away” to another player who came with just a dozen bucks in his pocket. For him, this money won will be a fabulous sum.


Of course, all this is very exaggerated, but the principle does not change. Jackpots are rarely broken, otherwise the winnings of the players, even very large ones, somehow do not consist of casino money, but of the sums spent on playing the same gamblers like you. The only truth is that your winnings cannot be big if the slot machine is not popular and practically does not “fill up”. All other strategies of the game of slot machines and tactics are only the basis of the theory of probability. Although, of course, there are also players invented by the players themselves, but it’s worth getting to know them only for the sake of common development - there’s no real motive behind them.

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