Descriptive Essay: Definition & Topic Selection

A descriptive essay is a paper in which you describe a thing, an event, a person. The main purpose of this essay is to help the reader understand this topic.

An ordinary person can describe any subject based on his 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. Based on these feelings, our brain receives general information about any subject.

As in any paper, when writing a descriptive essay should have some kind of purpose. For example, what did you understand by reading a book, trying a dish, etc.

Descriptive essays not exactly what the name implies; you have to describe something. You can see examples of descriptive essays and read more about this type of essay on our website,

When deciding on a specific topic

Choose something which requires a significant amount of independent research. Anybody can copy their information from a textbook. Tutors are not aware of.

Here you can use for their next assignment.

  • Describe the effects of over indulging in alcohol

  • Life through a toddlers eyes

  • The view of Sydney from the Harbor bridge

  • Describe your favorite movie

  • The Thai food market

  • Describe why curtains are better than blinds

  • Describe a hidden objects game

  • TV contests

  • A perfect day in

  • The view from

  • Time travel to be

  • Talk about the elder family member

  • Describe a farm to an inner city child

  • Describe what Planet Earth looks like from space

  • Describe a famous battle

  • Give a description of your first day at work

  • Describe the feelings of the spectators of the Christs Crucifixion

  • The day i was a bridesmaid

  • Describe a tree to a blind person

  • You awake after sleeping for 100 years. Describe what you see

  • Describe the Jew in a concentration camp

  • Today I saw

  • Describe what you see when diving the Great Barrier Reef

  • What makes a typical Australian

  • What you see when you visit Uluru

  • Describe how an immigrant may integrate with a new culture

  • Explain the layout of Canberra

  • Write the differences between a computer keyboard and a typewriter

  • Describe it

  • In the reptile of the house

  • I was once a heroin addict. Here I describe how it felt to take it.

  • My favorite movie star is

  • Describe how the first convicts to arrive in Botany Bay may have felt

  • Today I went to the hospital for an x-ray

  • My next door neighbor

  • How to make a pizza without a recipe

  • Today I was sad because

  • You go for a hike in the Snowy Mountains. Describe what you see

  • Describe a dangerous experience

  • The day i imagined i was a bird

  • Describe the differences between a piano and a harp

  • The day I was the most embarrassed

  • Describe the different areas of taste

  • Give a detailed description of a laptop

  • The day the berlin wall came down

  • Describe the sensation of bungee jumping

  • Describe the differences between Fascism and Communism

  • Yesterday, my teacher asked me to describe a

  • Kill two birds with one stone: Describe the meaning of this statement

  • Holi is one of the most colorful festivals in the world. Describe it.

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