Are Autonomous Cars The Next Big Thing in Dubai?

The transition from sci-fi to reality, RTA announced another critical step in the approval of self-government (aka autonomous) cars in the UAE. They showed that the strategy includes short-term and long-term plans that include Dubai self-employed vision.

What are autonomous machines?

Autonomous cars are not a new concept for the world - testing and production have been working since the 1920s. All major car manufacturers participate in the race to deliver the safest and most high-tech engines with self-propelled AI-based engines. For now, the Audi A8 claims that it is the only car capable of achieving automation at level 3. Other automakers, such as Tesla, claim that vehicles that are completely autonomous want to build, namely, fully self-government.

Dubai is not far behind. The emirate is ready to become a pioneer in this area. Many tests are conducted to ensure the safety and accuracy of hybrid electric cars.

Do you know Dubai Metro is already part of an autonomous system, in which about a million people live daily?

“RTA has approved standards for testing electric, hybrid and self-propelled vehicles by the best standards used in leading world countries,” said Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, general director of the RTA Licensing Agency.

What are the rtas on this?

“Our ultimate goal is to provide Dubai with the opportunity to gain a global competitive advantage in this regard,” said Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, general director of the RTA Licensing Agency.

Until 2030, Dubai directs 25% of all self-employment travel. The target was created after Dubai-based intellectual self-service Dubai Dubai, started by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Dubai’s vice president and leader in Dubai.

Do you know Dubai stands out as a testing ground for Uberti - a weapon of Uber shipping company operating in flight taxis? Uberti said he worked with NASA to develop the necessary software for air traffic. Uberti set a deadline of 2020 for the initial launch and 2023 for full-scale work.

What are your thoughts on autonomous cars? Are you delighted with the big changes in transport due to technology? Let us know in the comments below.

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