Ethereum C network was attacked

tremendous transfer amount appeared in ether adresses

A large amount of money transfer from Ethereum wallet account address, totaling more than 20,000 pieces

Ethereum wallet address 0x475a804704430f87C3407B614A41f21571D771C0 to 0x3F3ad492519551c9aBd8fD79fecB639E53697993 transferred 13,066 Ethereum, the current transfer address balance has been zero; receiving address after 5 minutes and then received again To the 9588 Ethereum, the current number of Ethereum addresses reached 22,654, or about $4.935 million.

Ethereum 2.0 will introduce POS, fragmentation, and eWASM mechanisms to support thousands of transactions per second on the chain.

According to the medium news of ETH, rocketpool developer Darren Langley said that Ethereum 2.0 will introduce POS, fragmentation mechanism, and eWASM mechanism. The 2.0 Ethernet chain will support thousands of transactions per second on the chain instead of resorting to super nodes, while balancing decentralization and security.

Ethereum 2.0 is not developed by a company and operates in a decentralized manner (no single entity is responsible for running the Ethernet chain), which is multi-faceted decentralized. The Ethereum agreement confirms that the Ethernet chain is a large-scale open source project. A large number of research executives propose, discuss, modify, and implement related proposals. The Ethereum Foundation has many high-level research executives, but ultimately decided by the community through consensus.

eWASM has been in development for some time and is not unique to Ethereum 2.0. Researchers are focusing on how it is compatible with EVM. The Ethernet 2.0 sharding system may use a delayed execution model, and the existing EVM blockchain will execute the smart contract code immediately after the transaction is processed. Fragments will only be responsible for issuing order instructions and data storage.

Digital asset financial service provider (C network) was attacked by hackers

Just reduced security through the Ethereum smart contract early warning monitoring learned that the old digital asset financial service provider (C network) was attacked by organized hackers, the successful attack hackers stealing numbers from digital asset financial service providers (C network) assets. Reduced-dimensional security Through the self-developed Ethereum smart contract early warning monitoring system analysis, this attack method is a common short-address attack. The hacker has profited hundreds of thousands of dollars through this attack, and has already passed the white-cell community to the digital asset. Financial service providers (C network) carry out high-risk warnings and urge the repair of vulnerabilities. Although the vulnerabilities are relatively old and low-level, the logical flaws in the exchanges may still lead to successful attacks by hackers. Detailed technical analysis of the attack.

At the editing present, Eth worth $219.47, down 5.15%.

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