Tasty Treats

Xuegaowu:A thick, flavoured ice cream with a popsicle on top – can you think of a better way to enjoy the summertime? Taiwan's Xuegaowu ("Ice Cream House") has released its luxury showstopper for the hot weather. Add some tasty powder and chocolate sauce for even more flavor.

Bistopping:If you like ice cream decorated with little stars, crowns and all kinds of lovely shapes, Korea's Bistopping is a must. The handmade corn cones and chocolate chips are definitely worth a try. Taking photos of the treats in the shop before enjoying them is a major attraction for trendy Korean youth.

Wuxie :Can you imagine tasting 11 hot summer items in just one bottle? Chinese brand Wuxie's new ice cream product, Wuxie 11, consists of matcha, chestnut, blueberry, strawberry, cakes, corn crisps, chocolate and more. One bite of Wuxie and summer will arrive in your mouth.

Mango Kulfi

A mango with ice cream inside – what a pleasant surprise! Indian street vendors cut into the core and fill the fruit with ice cream for this classic dessert that's definitely a great choice as you saunter through the hot streets.

Wooden Popsicle:You'd think these colourful popsicles would be a deliciously cool way to relieve the summer heat, but hold on, they're actually wooden art objects – not for eating! Designed by Italian artist Johnny Hermann, each one is unique.

This article duplicated from: China Daily

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