MoHot App - Fitness Revolution


The MoHot Fitness Revolution

We designed the app to allow the PT instructor to easily manage training plans and class schedules for many clients, only with a mobile phone. It automatically create an analyzing report to bring a better fitness training experience for clients, and helps to fully demonstrate the professionalism of instructor.

      The coolest thing is, client can see the record made by trainer, and follow trainer’s self-training schedule. This is the function that doesn’t exist in any other Apps.

     「We believe that the mastery of data is the primary task to implement sports science.」

The best, powerful workout tracker. Free to use 

1. 1500 fitness moves, all FREE, NO NEED to pay to unlock

2. Trainers can create workout plans for your clients.

■The MoHot Advantage

- The most intuitive and instant fitness logging and planning UI

- Trainers can easily arrange workouts for their clients, conveniently plan individual work out lessons

- Comprehensive training data analysis, accurately shows each muscle group’s training volume

- Trainers, effectively show-off your workouts in less than 30 seconds! We help you to help your clients grow continuously

■Over 1,500 fitness moves right from the start, no need to pay to unlock!

- A searchable encyclopedia of workout moves

- nFull database accessible through free version

- Variety of workouts categorized for fast and easy look-up!


- Not just another workout log app, but a social fitness app by adding friends and trainers

- View friends’ or trainer’s workout logs to see what kind of effective fitness regime they follow

- Motivate yourself by comparing with your friends’ logs

■Clients / Trainers

- Once friended in-app, trainers can help clients establish their first workout!

- Trainers can plan lessons and individual work out sessions for their clients

- Allows trainers to easily track and manage multiple clients schedule and training progress

■Graphical Data

- Get pumped looking at your improving training data and results overtime

- Automated calculation of training volume and calories burnt

- Data categorized in daily, weekly, and monthly reports

■Show your expertise in less than 30 secs, exceed your potential as a trainer


Visiting our website:

1. Schedule workouts and add actionsLearn

2. To become a friend, client, or a trainer.Learn

3. Trainer can arrange workout sessions for clients

4. In-app Upgrade PackagesLearn

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