In Fizzing Color

Chef Alberto Hernández of Aqua shows his true colors this summer, crafting three vivid dishes to pair with Veuve Clicquot's signature Yellow Label, Extra Brut Extra Old and Rosé cuvées for a one-of-a-kind "Colorama" menu.

For the first course – Tribute to Yellow Label – the Spanish master captures the tasting notes of the champagne and pairs it with a starter of Japanese oyster and scallop ceviche. Next up, the culinary artist paints salmon, king prawn and osetra caviar onto a stroke of squid ink for an elegant pairing with the classic Extra Brut Extra Old.

Last but not least, for the Rosé, the maestro brings the menu to a dazzling conclusion with a cloud cheesecake framed by pink rainbow sauces, inviting diners to indulge their artistic tastes and link the colours of the palette to those of the palate. Switch your taste buds from black-and-white to colour this summer.

The Veuve Clicquot #Colorama Colour Chart Menu is available at Aqua and Armani/Aqua in July and August.

This article duplicated from: China Daily

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