Board of directors

Stephen Ibaraki Chairman Of The Board

With over 100 senior executive roles, awards and recognitions, Stephen Ibaraki is a top ranking IDG-IT World writer; multiple award winning internationally recognized educator, serial entrepreneur and executive board chairman. Stephen Ibaraki’s philanthropic focus is on donating time/resources for non-profits advancing research, innovation, start-ups, science, entrepreneurship, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN ITU World Summit on the Information Society Action Lines. A few of his most recent roles include: Invited Outreach Chairman of ITU’s new peer reviewed, scholarly, and professional Journal “ICT Discoveries”; Jury UN ITU Telecom World Global Innovation Awards; Invited editorial team UN ITU first Journal on innovation, first issue on AI; Chair UN ITU Telecom World session B2B MSMEs and MNCs innovation, collaboration; Invited contributor first UN ITU Emerge Report on ICT innovation and entrepreneurship for MSMEs; Jury 2017 CES LIDT 10Under20 global innovation awards; Organizing the first UN summit on AI June 2017 with UN ITU and XPRIZE, Founding Managing Partner REDDS Venture Investment Partners; Chief Judge for REDDS’s at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair May 2017; IBM WATSON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE XPRIZE AMBASSADOR; Stephen is founding chairman UNESCO(UN)-founded-IFIP1 Global Industry Council and vice-chair IFIP IP3 board, vice-chairman IFIP World CIO Forum, co-chairman ACM practitioner board, 2016 founding chairman practitioner board marketing committee and 2011-2016 chair practitioner board professional development committee 2; past national board chairman and president Canadian Information Processing Society 3; invited speaker WSIS + 10 United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting; opening session chairman and keynote United Nations Global e-GOV Forum International Scientific Practical Conference; keynote/speaker 2016 38th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE–largest premier conference on SE sponsored by ACM, IEEE-cs, SIGSOFT, TCSE) / 3 sessions IFIP World Computer Congress / 2017 UN Global e-Gov Forum and conference; invited speaker founding chair technology advisory council Financial Services Roundtable FinTech Ideas Festival 4; invited speaker founding chair advisory board Digital Africa; invited advisor to board within IEEE; invited advisor TEDxLA; in 2016, Chairing moderator speaker, 1 session on financial services and three AI sessions at three flagship conferences and featured in the WTSA snapshot summary report going to 77,000 leaders in government, industry, academia: UN ITU World Telecom Standardization Assembly (held every 4 years); UN ITU Telecom World; UN ITU Kaleidoscope, Chairing the awards committee; … For lifetime achievement, he is an ICT nominated founding CIPS Fellow, founding NPA Distinguished Fellow, founding GITCA global Fellow, CIPS Hall of Fame. He is the only recipient, in its 40 year history, of the Computing Canada (the largest, oldest and most respected publication), IT Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award selected from nearly 1 million professionals in business / industry / government / academia / media / non-profits. Judges including leaders from the ICTC government sector council, academia, media, business, industry, sector non-profits. The diversity of awards also include: UNITED NATIONS ITU WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society) Prizes 2016 Champion for the project “Creation of the Global Industry Council”, Silver Core Award 2016 for exceptional service nominated by the IFIP President, ASTBC Lifetime Advanced Technology Award for innovation recognized by the premier, NPA / Interop (largest interoperability international conference) global IT industry’s first international Awards for Professionalism Career Achievement Award, CIPS career achievement Gary Hadford Award for innovation, over 10 Microsoft Awards (MVP 2006-2017 including top 5 selection as MVP, top two profiled in 2016, top 7 as blogger,…, Global Gold Awards),…many more. He’s also a first recipient of the IT Hero Award from the Information Technology Association Canada (more than 30,000 businesses in $150B ICT industry) and Government Industry Canada.
For a personal profile see Ibaraki’s LinkedIn profile:

1 International Federation for Information Processing representing 90+ countries and reaching ~1 million scientists and ICT professionals
2 Association for Computing Machinery–official IFIP international member representative, largest and most respected international computing science, research, education, innovation professional association well known for their AM Turing Award (Nobel of computing) with 1 million USD prize, 1.5 millions users digital library, 2 million reach, learning center, Applicative conference, Queue magazine, 200 conferences/events, 78 publications/news, 37 Special Interest Groups
3 CIPS–Canada’s oldest government chartered professional association and official Canadian representative to IFIP
4 FSR: 100 top Fortune CEOs, 92.7 Trillion in managed assets, 1.2 Trillion revenue