Board of directors

John Chen Founder/ Board Director


Master’s Degree in International Trade in from Eastern Michigan University
Master’s Degree in Western and Eastern Culture Comparison. from Southern Methodist University
Former manager of the Securities Department of HAIGUO TOU Industrial Development Co. Ltd.
Former business consultant for Silver -wood Investment Inc. in Los Angeles, California
Former VP- Finance of the Zhuhai Branch of China International Futures Inc.
Authored a number of articles: “The Goal of Economics System Reform in China,” Social Sciences Review, Vol. 11. Guangdong, China; 1986. “Two Proposals for Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth,” Economics Studies, Vol. 767. Published by Economists Association of China; Beijing, China; 1982. “An Open’ External-Oriented Strategy for Developing the Economy of Guangdong Province,” Economics Studies, Vol. 539. Published by Economists Association of China. Beijing, China; 1981